Shrimp Week: Easy Shrimp Tacos


When Laura and I worked at a fash­ion mag­a­zine together we prided our­selves on report­ing on trends before they hit the main­stream. If a com­pet­ing mag­a­zine got to a story before us, we'd kick our­selves (with some very fancy shoes). And if we felt like we were late to a some­thing? Bet­ter to let it pass you by than cover it once it was past its best before date. This post? I would have laughed it out of my office! Tacos? Oh, my God, tacos were the hottest thing exactly two years ago and now you're talk­ing about it? Read more

Sponsored Post: We Want to Hear Your Cheer — Don't Miss This Cool Contest!


Did you play team sports as a kid? Grow­ing up in a small town, team sports were huge for me. Those of you who know me now can feel free to laugh at that image. But it's true. Of course sports are a great way to stay healthy and learn about team­work, but for kids they're also just fun. They're some­thing lib­er­at­ing about being one part of a greater whole. My kids are just get­ting to the age when they'll be ready for team sports. An early attempt at soc­cer with Esme when she was four was hilar­i­ous if not totally suc­cess­ful. But I think they're just about ready. Watch­ing The World Cup this sum­mer has given both my kids the fever for soc­cer. Read more

Netflix & SPC: August Adventures Craft


To say that I’m not an outdoors-y type is an under­state­ment. It’s not that I don’t love the out­doors, because I do. I just need it in doses, you know? I love a cot­tage week­end. I like to pad­dle around in a canoe. I’m crazy for a bon­fire on the beach. But I’m not ever going to be a camper (maybe just a glam­per). I don’t even really love eat­ing on a patio. There, I’ve said it. But I live with some big nature lovers and I def­i­nitely want to raise kids who want to get out and have adven­tures, big and small.

This along with Julian’s recent inter­est in sci­ence gave me the idea for this project. It’s not really a craft but it’s a really easy and fun way to talk about sci­ence and adven­ture with your kids. It’s a com­pass you make with noth­ing more than a leaf, a sewing nee­dle, a fridge mag­net and a bowl of water. In these high tech days it’s pretty fun to show your kids how to nav­i­gate with­out the gps in my smart­phone! Even though I under­stood the prin­ci­ples of this com­pass I was a bit ner­vous doing it. Would it work? Would the kids be impressed? And it totally did. The lit­tle nee­dle did exactly what it was meant to do and twirled around to point north! Which led to a dis­cus­sion about what you deduce from know­ing which way is north (like, all the other direc­tions), how you could also use shad­ows to under­stand direc­tion and time of day. Turns out nature and sci­ence are pretty cool. Read more

No Bake Week: Watermelon Cupcakes


My friend Dorna goes all out for birth­days. Her daugh­ter Vio­let and Esme have been best friends since before they were three. I'm always teas­ing her about how crafty she is, to which she replies, "Youtube! You can learn any­thing on Youtube!" Last year for Violet's birth­day she cro­cheted over a dozen Toteros. They were so cute and I bowed down to her ded­i­ca­tion — it's some­thing I would never take on. But my kids love them and always talk about how Dorna made them herself.

At this year's party, though, Dorna did some­thing I did want to try myself. After the kids had run through a sprin­kler park in the blaz­ing sun for an hour, she called them to gather round for the birth­day cake. And it was the pret­ti­est thing you've ever seen — tall, cov­ered in a light, whipped icing and topped with fruit. When she cut into it — voila! — it was water­melon! And the icing was just plain old whipped cream. As a par­ent who dreads tak­ing home kids who are hopped up on sugar after most par­ties, I was so thrilled. And the kids loved the nov­elty of a cool, juicy fruit cake. Read more

Blueberry Week: Blueberry Cornbread


You know we love spe­cial requests here at SPC, right? When some­one asks in a Tweet or a Face­book post for us to come up with new soups or veg­e­tar­ian din­ners or what have you, we always try our best to deliver. So, keep the ques­tions com­ing! This time the request came from a lit­tle closer to home: Laura! And I think this may be a first. Any­way, Laura has been telling me about this blue­berry corn­bread she picks up at cof­fee place in her neigh­bour­hood, so when I was head­ing into the stu­dio recently she asked me if I thought I could con­jure it up. Et voila! Read more