Baked Oatmeal (That Tastes Like Apple Pie)


Can some explain peo­ple who skip break­fast to me? You know the type, that per­son who says, "Ugh, I can't eat any­thing in the morn­ings. Maybe I'll have a cof­fee and then a snack at around 11…" I wake up ready to eat every day and woe to any­one who gets in my way. Like, for instance, my chil­dren. Here's the scene at my place at 7 a.m. Both kids shuf­fle down­stairs and start some activ­ity that I will have to pry them from in order to get through our rou­tine and make it to the bus on time. If I'm fool­ish enough to ask what every­one would like for break­fast, they answer in uni­son. Uni­son except they never answer the same thing. There's no way to write this but imag­ine the kids talk­ing at the same time, okay?

Me: What would you guys like for break­fast?
Julian: Eggs!
Esme: Por­ridge!
Julian: I don't want por­ridge!
Esme: I don't want eggs!

So, by 7:05 we've had a fight, made no deci­sions about break­fast and the clock is tick, tick, tick­ing on the morn­ing count down. Good times.

Until I started mak­ing this awe­some break­fast win­ner. I do all the work on this baked oat­meal the night before, it bakes while I squeeze in an early morn­ing work­out and it makes enough to feed every­one for two days. Did you catch that? Two days! Oh, and every­one wants it every sin­gle time. Read more

An Interview with the Stars of Almay's New Pure Beauty Campaign


We can't believe our good for­tune to share this news but Ceri and I are part of Almay's new Pure Beauty Cam­paign air­ing now. Did you just read what I wrote? WE. ARE. IN. AN. ALMAY. AD. Do you want to know the best part about this excit­ing project? Our daughter's are in it as well! Actu­ally, they're not just in it, they're basi­cally the stars since they have the only speak­ing parts. You can go ahead and read the rest of this post, we'll just be over here pinch­ing our­selves. Read more

Banana and Coconut Smoothie Bowl with Chia, Muesli and Pomegranate Seeds

Banana Smoothie Bowl 43593

When it comes to eat­ing have you ever thought about the fact that all good things come in a bowl? Ok, it's true, some really good stuff comes in a bun (mmmm, ham­burg­ers and hot dogs) but dishes like soups, chilis, mac and cheese, pas­tas, stews, risot­tos, all arrive on your place­mat in a deep dish and just scream com­fort. (They also scream "I'm eat­ing this on the couch in my PJs" but I prob­a­bly shouldn't embar­rass Ceri with that lit­tle fact.) And don't for­get ice cream. That's awe­some in a bowl. Wait, actu­ally, ice cream is bet­ter in a cone. Read more

Pancake Tuesday: A round up of our favourite recipes

PB Pancakes with Jelly Syrup

Hon­estly, don't pan­cakes just make you happy. I'm never not excited to sit down to a meal of warm, stacked-high and syrup-drippy pan­cakes. In fact Ceri and I always joke this site could have eas­ily been devoted to pan­cakes alone. We both pretty much love eat­ing them any time of day and are hardly able to stop exper­i­ment­ing with recipes.

Since today is pan­cake Tues­day, we've col­lected some of our favourite recipes for cak­ers. I'm mak­ing the Apple Pie ones for din­ner tonight. What about you? Read more

We Love…Making our Valentine's


It doesn't have to be the shape of a heart. It needn't be red, pink or any­thing in between. It could be choco­late but it def­i­nitely doesn't have to be. It just needs to be made with love.

Here are some of our favorite Valentine's Day meals, treats and snacks….. Read more