Lunch Week: Broccoli Cheese Patties


Laura and I have been think­ing a lot lately about the school year and the par­tic­u­lar chal­lenges it presents to par­ents. Because, let's be hon­est, it's not just our kids who have to tackle school, it's the whole fam­ily. There are so many mov­ing parts: the school run, or in our case, the school bus, get­ting kids, lunches, home­work, gym shoes and that freak­ing sci­ence project, all to school along with the child, the after school period of classes, team prac­tices, home work super­vi­sion and, yep, din­ner and lunch mak­ing so you can do it all again tomor­row. Frankly, it's bonkers. And even though we all signed up for bonkers we can still use some help, right?

This recipe is some help. I think this may be my new quiche. Long time read­ers of SPC know that I had a good, long run with mak­ing quiche for my kids' lunches but their affec­tions are wan­ing. Never mind, now we've got broc­coli cheese pat­ties to take their place. These are a great vit­a­min, carb, pro­tein combo that you make ahead, freeze and pull out as you need them. One or two pat­ties, along with some fruits and veg­gies and you've got a really great school lunch.

Oh, and here's that video we made about lunches again! More com­ing soon, I promise.

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Lunch Week: Turkey, Apple and Cheddar Quesadilla

Apple Quesadilla

Ceri makes me laugh all the time. It's prob­a­bly why we work so well together. When you col­lab­o­rate for a small busi­ness, you often find your­self in the weeds, and if you can't laugh while you're in the weeds then you're just, you know, in the damn weeds. Recently, while work­ing on a doc­u­ment we were pass­ing back and forth by e-mail, Ceri wrote the line "Remem­ber that aver­sion you had to left­overs when you were sin­gle? Wasn't that cute?" in a sec­tion about din­ners that dou­ble as lunches. It wasn't just a funny line, it was so me! I used to be blasé about left­overs. (Oh, that stuff in the take-out con­tainer, sure I'll bring it with me. Maybe I'll eat it, maybe not.) I grew up in a fam­ily who believed in the impor­tance of good food and def­i­nitely didn't believe in waste. In fact, we have this inside joke with my par­ents that they'll eat any­thing, even if it's long (and I mean looooong) past its expi­ra­tion date, because they can't bear to throw any­thing out. There's also the fact they have stom­aches of steel. So it's pretty incon­gru­ent that I used to turn my nose up to left­overs as if they were a box full of bile.

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Apple Week: Apple, Cheese & Bacon Frittata

Apple Frittata 25751

What do you hear about your kid's day at school? Does the din­ner table Q & A about everyone's day get you very far? I used to feel like I knew every­thing about Esme's day as she was such a detailed reporter on the daily events at kinder­garten. In fact, I would let other par­ents know the scoop based on her accounts. But until recently, I never heard a lot about what other kids got in their lunches (even though I asked ALL THE TIME — have I men­tioned I'm competitive?).

**We inter­rupt this post to ask if you've seen our lat­est video? It's all about adding fruits and veg­eta­bles to school lunch recipes!**

With Julian it's a whole other story. Right out of the gate I was hear­ing every­thing about every other lunch at his lit­tle senior kinder­garten lunch table. Along with a healthy does of incredulity, I might add. "Pud­ding!" he yelled at me, the other day, "Sam gets pud­ding!" I hear about the big pieces of bread, the juice boxes, the candy (not sure I quite believe that one), the cook­ies, etc. What can I do? I've got to play my own game, that's all I can do. I'm try­ing to add some new recipes to my ros­ter, like this amaz­ing, sweet and salty frit­tata. It makes a great, light din­ner and then it packs really well into a lunch the next day. Who knows, maybe one of Julian's class­mates will yell over din­ner, "Frit­tata! Julian had frit­tata!" Read more

Roundup: Apples In Every Meal


It's not just a con­ve­nient snack, apples are a great addi­tion to a long list of recipes for any meal. And, if you've recently gone apple pick­ing, you need to deal with a whole lot of apples. Stop giv­ing them out to passer-by's and push­ing them on your neigh­bours, we've got an apple recipe for any meal you need to throw down. Except dessert. For God's sake, if you want a dessert idea, just eat a damn apple. Read more

Apple Week: Ginger Apple Skillet Crumble

Apple Crumble 25833

I made a lot of crum­bles this sum­mer with var­i­ous fruit com­bi­na­tions includ­ing blue­ber­ries, black­ber­ries, straw­ber­ries and peaches. It was my go-to dessert when­ever I enter­tained at the cot­tage. Since I enter­tained more than usual this year, we ate a lot of crum­ble, prob­a­bly too much. Oddly, we're not sick of it yet. Scar­lett couldn't wait to make one when we got a bas­ket of apples from a friend. I actu­ally couldn't wait either. After spend­ing the first few weeks of the new school year run­ning around like I was on fire, it felt good to slow down and just make a crum­ble. As I slowly moved about my kitchen mix­ing ingre­di­ents, for a moment, I could have sworn it was a lazy warm sum­mer after­noon but I was jogged from my day­dream when Scar­lett demanded that I spell the word "Wednes­day." Day­dream over, home­work on.

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