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Not Chinese Food — Red Lentil Soup

After spend­ing the after­noon mak­ing cook­ies with Esme I looked at the clock and real­ized it was 5:15 and I had no plan for din­ner. I looked in the fridge — cel­ery, leeks, car­rots and a piti­ful, decay­ing red pep­per — and real­ized there were no mak­ings of din­ner either. I started think­ing of the dishes I'd order from our neigh­bour­hood Chi­nese take­out place. When Julian was first born there were many, many nights I'd phone them with an order as I was pick­ing up Esme from day­care and swing by on the way home.

Then I thought: lentils. Cel­ery, leeks, car­rots (threw the red pep­per out) plus red lentils and stock equals soup.  I made this recipe a few weeks ago with green lentils and it ended up seem­ing more like a dahl to me and I didn't love it. But red lentils are fast cook­ing, softer and, I think, have a nicer flavour. I'd have pre­ferred to use onions but leeks were in the fridge so there you go.

I made grilled cheese sand­wiches to go with the soup. And Esme was thrilled we were hav­ing some­thing that called for a lit­tle ketchup on her plate. After one bit of the soup Esme said, "I don't care for this." So. I wish she'd eat the soup but at least she was polite about it. Ben loved it and had two bowls.

Red Lentil Soup

1 onion diced (or leek, washed very well and sliced in half length-wise and then chopped finely)
2 car­rots diced
2 cel­ery stalks diced
a splash of olive oil
1 cup red lentils
4 cups stock
a good squeeze of lemon juice


Saute the veg­eta­bles in olive oil until they soften

Add the lentils and the stock and bring to a sim­mer. Cook for about fif­teen min­utes stir­ring every once in awhile. Add lemon juice and salt and pep­per to taste.



  1. Derbecker says:

    Tried it. One link of chorizo chopped fine doesn't hurt it at all, incidentally…

  2. Ceri says:

    Agreed. Love sausage with lentils. Actu­ally, I have a great recipe for a lentil and sausage dish.… will post soon. Try­ing to do a bunch of veg­e­tar­ian mains first but I'll get there! Thanks for check­ing us out.

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