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Mini Apple Cups

Today was the day. We got the girls together to bake. All our friends groaned at the idea of two preschooler's cook­ing together, but we planned and plot­ted. Easy recipe. Lit­tle bak­ing time. Crafts ready as dis­trac­tions. Ceri and I fig­ured we had our bases covered.

We decided on another healthy snack since you can really never have enough of those: mini apple muffins. As we con­verted the recipe from grams and ounces to table­spoons and cups (thank God for the com­puter), we real­ized the recipe from a British book seemed slim on flour. Were these really going to be muffins?

Mini Apple Cups of Love

1/2 cup of whole wheat flour
1 tea­spoon bak­ing pow­der
1/4 tea­spoon of cin­na­mon
2 table­spoons of rolled oats
1/4 cup of Mus­co­v­ado sugar (we used raw sugar)
1 peeled, cored and diced apple
2 table­spoons of but­ter, melted
1/2 cup of plain yogurt
1 egg


As Ceri and I took turns mea­sur­ing all the ingre­di­ents out for the girls (Scar­lett would be in charge of blend­ing and mix­ing wet ingre­di­ents, Esme dry), the other reffed the var­i­ous squab­bles over col­or­ing book pages, who gets what baby and but­ter­fly stick­ers. I pre-heated the oven to 400 and hoped for the best.

Just as we fin­ished our prep work, Ceri and I noticed that the girls were try­ing to get out the front door. "Where are you guys going?," I asked. "I want to ride my bike in the hall," Scar­lett informed us, as she lured Esme along. "Wait! We're ready for you guys to make your muffins," explained Ceri. Both girls gave us a blank look and pro­ceeded out the door. "We'll give you a choco­late egg if you come back and do your muffins," I yelled.

Esme began by blend­ing the flour, bak­ing pow­der, cin­na­mon, sugar and rolled oats while Scar­lett mixed the egg, but­ter and yogurt. They both perked up with pride as Ceri and I com­pli­mented them on their bak­ing tech­nique. (They really did do a good job pour­ing, mix­ing and blending.)

Esme added the chopped apples into her bowl, being sure to coat the chunks with the dry blend. Then we added Scarlett's wet ingre­di­ents to Esme's bowl, care­ful to not over-mix.

After the shit show of who gets to hand out the spoons as well as who gets what spoon, the girls (for the record: Esme red spoon, Scar­lett pink) work along­side each other shov­el­ing the mix into mini-muffin cups.

As you can see, they are mostly apple with just enough bat­ter to hold them together. It's what we liked about these lit­tle babies — they're more fruit and less sug­ary cake. The per­fect treat.

Dur­ing the 12 minute bake time, we rode bikes in the hall. When the timer went off, the girls ran to the stove win­dow. They got really giddy and hugged. Maybe it was the prospect of their accom­plish­ment? Either that or one was try­ing to smother the other.

Unfor­tu­nately, the bike ride was also the time the cam­era was left on and the bat­tery drained. Alas, no final shot to show you how yummy these looked. We set­tled them in front of Dora paper plates, each with a warm muf­fin. (They're not really muffins. We decided they're baked apple cups.) They both purred, "Yummy". We felt a shot of relief with the suc­cess of our project until Scar­lett won­dered why Esme got more water than her.


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