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Zucchini Bread of Champions

Fri­days are swim class days for Esme and her best friend Maude. They are in L-O-V-E with their teacher, Mil­ton. It's one part adorable, one part ter­ri­fy­ing to hear them greet him with a uni­son sing-song, "Hi Mil­ton" and then dis­solve into gig­gles. Never mind, they are becom­ing swim­mers! They are jump­ing in the pool, dunk­ing their lit­tle pony-tailed heads under water and dog pad­dling for all they're worth. The class is half an hour but they still come out com­pletely wiped. Heidi and I have fig­ured out exactly how much time we have to get them fed and hydrated before things get ugly — about five min­utes. This week Heidi brought sand­wiches and sliced straw­ber­ries and I brought hard boiled eggs and slices of zuc­chini bread.

I'd been think­ing about loafs and play­ing around with how lit­tle sugar and oil you can make them with and still get a moist bread. Maude was not a fan of the apri­cots but you could eas­ily swap them for raisins or just leave them out entirely. Dates would be good, too. The rest of us really liked it. It wasn't very sweet but it was moist, yummy and satisfying.

Zuc­chini Bread of Champions

2 cups flour
3/4 cups whole wheat flour
1/4 cup wheat­bran
1 tea­spoon salt
1 tea­spoon bak­ing soda
1 tea­spoon bak­ing pow­der
1 tea­spoon cin­na­mon
3 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup veg­etable oil
2 tea­spoon vanilla
2 cups grated zuc­cini
1 cup chopped dried apri­cots
1/2 cup chopped pecans


Pre­heat the oven to 350 degrees

To soften the apri­cots, cover them in boil­ing water while you're prepar­ing the bat­ter.

Mix all of the dry ingre­di­ents well.

Esme came down from her nap and helped me whisk eggs. I don't know why she wanted to wear a sun hat for the job, but she did.

Whisk together the eggs, oil, sugar and vanilla. Add the wet ingre­di­ents to the dry and mix well.

You can use a cheese grater to grate the zuc­chini. Add it to the bat­ter and mix in well. Drain the apri­cots and chop them fairly fine. Add the apri­cots and pecans and mix until they're dis­trib­uted evenly through the bat­ter. Pour into a lightly greased or but­tered loaf tin.

Bake for 50 to 60 min­utes, until a tooth­pick or skewer comes out clean. Let the loaf cool for about 15 min­utes before turn­ing it out of the pan and allow­ing it to cool com­pletely.


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