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Guest Bloggers: Sacha and Lola's Simplest Summer Pasta

Can I just say how much I'm lov­ing hav­ing guest blog­gers? Love it. I've been col­lect­ing ideas for future meals, which is huge. But it also sat­is­fies the snoop in me. When I'm out in a restau­rant I've got to know what every­one is order­ing before I decide what I want. When I've got a prob­lem I've got to hear how every­one in the world dealt with their ver­sion of my prob­lem. These posts are the per­fect storm of recipes, solu­tions with a bonus peak at the homes and beau­ti­ful fam­i­lies of our favourite peo­ple.

Today, it's Sacha and Lola. I got to know Eat My Words — the not-for-profit bak­ery in Toronto that makes beyond gor­geous cup­cakes, cakes and cook­ies and sup­ports the Stephen Lewis Foun­da­tion — when one of their pretty blue hat boxes of cup­cakes landed on my desk one lucky day sev­eral years ago. If you haven't had the plea­sure, you must try them or send them as a gift ( Sacha's Mum, Jeanne started Eat My Words in 2001 and now they work together. I've got­ten to know Sacha and Lola over the past year or so and they're a cou­ple of the coolest chicks I know. Since Sacha sent me this recipe a week ago we've made it twice — I love it. And now over to the girls! C.M.

Sacha and Lola

As is the case in so many homes, the cen­tral kitchen island is the "heart" of our home.
It's where home­work is done, where colour­ing and crafts are often spread out,
and Play­Doh con­coc­tions take shape. And it is fre­quently a space that has to be shared
between crafts and din­ner preparation.

The rea­son I chose this recipe (apart from Lola's love of pasta) is its sim­plic­ity, and
sub­se­quently, it is one of the few recipes that I can hap­pily (and safely)
involve Lola in mak­ing. She uses her safe lit­tle plas­tic knife to cube the
gooey Brie (with much fin­ger lick­ing) and she can mix all the ingre­di­ents together
with­out any worry of hot ingre­di­ents or dishes.

I have also learned that the joy that lit­tle chefs expe­ri­ence in prepar­ing some­thing which we both love kind of out­weighs my con­cern about Brie and tomato cov­ered cloth­ing and counters!

The Sim­plest Sum­mer Supper

4 — 6 toma­toes (depend­ing on their size)
2 table­spoons basil
1 clove gar­lic
250 grams Brie
450 gram pack­age of high fibre spaghetti
1/4 cup vir­gin olive oil


Plunge the toma­toes in boil­ing water for 5 sec­onds, drain and
then peel them. Chop them into one inch cubes

Chop the basil and gar­lic finely. Cut the Brie into one inch cubes.

Put all the ingre­di­ents in a bowl and sea­son to taste, either with salt and
pep­per, or with red pep­per flakes if you like a bit of spice. Then pour the olive oil over the mixture.

Cook your pasta as per pack­age instruc­tions, mak­ing sure to keep it
al dente. Toss pasta into the tomato mix­ture and serve immediately.


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  1. Meredyth Young says:

    good golly, so easy and so delicious!

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