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OMG Chicken Parm

Oh, sweet mys­tery of life at last I've found you. How did I not know about chicken parm? Of course I've had it — prob­a­bly in sand­wich form, on my way home from a bar late at night, early in my twen­ties. But mak­ing it at home is the sim­plest thing and, oh, my God it's so good.

This recipe comes cour­tesy of Natalee Caple, an author, friend and fel­low Mum. She's also a Face­booker who reg­u­larly posts what she's cook­ing for her fam­ily. Natalee's twins, Casey and Imo­gen, just turned four and her posts of their meals always inspire me. She'll be our guest blog­ger this Fri­day as a mat­ter of fact. But I couldn't wait on this one — had to make it and post it myself. Natalee made this recently with Romano cheese rather than Parme­san — either are per­fect, just go with what you've got.

OMG Chicken Parm

Sim­ple Tomato Sauce

1 28 ounce tin of whole plum toma­toes (Natalee likes Marzanos)
Good glug of extra vir­gin olive oil
3 gar­lic cloves roughly chopped
hand­ful of herbs — basil, oregano, thyme (I sup­ple­mented with some dry as my gar­den is just get­ting started)
a splash of red wine vine­gar (not in Natalee's ver­sion but I always add it)
pinch of salt and pep­per


Sautee the gar­lic in the oil for a cou­ple of min­utes and then add the toma­toes. Let them sim­mer and keep break­ing them down with the back of a wooden spoon. Sim­mer for about 20 min­utes while you pre­pare the chicken. Towards the end, add the herbs and sea­son with salt and pepper.

4 Chicken breasts cut in half. (If you've got knife skills, cut them in half hor­i­zon­tally so you have two thin­ner pieces per breast. If you don't, just cut them in half the easy way but they'll take a bit longer in the oven)
1 1/2 cups Bread­crumbs (Natalee made her own whole­grain crumbs, I had some Panko handy)
Sev­eral basil leaves roughly torn
1 1/2 cups grated Parme­san or Romano cheese
1 cup milk

Pre­heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Sea­son your bread­crumbs with some salt and pep­per. Sprin­kle them on a plate. Pour milk into a shal­low bowl. Dip each piece of chicken in milk and dredge in the bread­crumbs.

Brown the chicken pieces in a medium pan with a bit of oil until brown. Don't worry about cook­ing the meat through. As each batch cooks, place the chicken in a large casse­role dish. Cover the chicken in tomato sauce. Scat­ter the basil leaves over the sauce. Cover all with the shred­ded cheese. Pop in the oven for ten min­utes, then increase the heat to 400 degrees for another ten min­utes. Take out the biggest piece and cut into it to check done-ness. I needed another 5 min­utes.

Some sug­gested par­ings with this excel­lent dish.

We had ours with green beans and it was a big hit. And the left­over is going to make a wicked sand­wich for today's lunch.

This meal was also Julian's first taste of meat. I first held a tiny bit to his lips for him to taste. Then Ben gave him a big­ger (sauce-less) piece to hold and gnaw for him­self. He said some­thing like: Mmm­gr­rrrah! And chomped the whole thing down even though he doesn't have a tooth yet. He also liked the green beans.



  1. Meredyth Young says:

    I pro­pose that you change the name from OMG chicken parm to Mmm­gr­rrrah! Chicken Parm in hon­our of Julian's pro­foundly apt descrip­tion of his first taste of meat. Seri­ously Ceri, this is one deli­cious dish of yum. Thanks for mak­ing it for us last night, can I come over for left­overs?
    I think that using Panko instead of bread­crumbs results in a softer bread­ing for the chicken which I really liked.

  2. Barbara Yankoski says:

    OMG, indeed. This is a bit dif­fer­ent than my Chicken Parme­san, but equally deli­cious. Made it last night and had it with the left overs from the pre­vi­ous day which was the rice, bro­colli and cheese casse­role. And had left over chicken tonight with the green beans. Yum. Just my hus­band and I now and we are some­what bored with our usual fare. I dis­cov­ered your blog and decided to try your recipes. Won­der­ful. Will rec­om­mend blog to oth­ers too. Keep up the good work.

  3. […] to get ahead with more batch cook­ing? More recipes from Sweet Potato Chron­i­cles: OMG Chicken Parm is as good as the name sug­gests. It’s ter­rific over egg noo­dles but also makes a great sandwich […]

  4. Heidi Pyper says:

    I'm mak­ing this tonight for the kids. I love this recipe and have made it too many times to count. What kills me are the pic­tures of E and J here. OMG Kids who grow!

  5. Ceri says:

    A per­fect meal to send out the year! And now I'm all misty look­ing at these shots, too. I'd for­got­ten this was Julian's first taste of meat. Am def­i­nitely mak­ing this some time this week. Happy New Year, Pypers, we love you!!

  6. Bali Tour says:

    Look Deli­cious :)
    Thanks for the recipe

  7. nederland says:

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    this web site is truly amazing.

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