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Turkey and Gruyere Super Sliders

When I was grow­ing up burg­ers were either a sum­mer treat off the bar­beque or a guilty plea­sure. Greasy and deli­cious. When it comes to feed­ing my fam­ily, burg­ers are a reg­u­lar com­po­nent of our weekly rou­tine. Organic turkey or beef, salmon, veg­gie even tofu. Scar­lett loves burg­ers and espe­cially loves slid­ers. (She's attracted to any­thing mini.) This turkey slider recipe is easy but wildly tasty. The herb de Provence's mix of thyme, fen­nel and basil as well as laven­dar (only in the U.S. version.…funny enough the French don't use it in their mix)give the meat a light and savory fla­vor. I always make it for guests as I can pre­pare them quickly in the morn­ing and leave them in the fridge for the day. Like chicken fin­gers, Scar­lett can par­tic­i­pate in the prepa­ra­tion and she loves squish­ing the meat into pat­ties. (Being a germ phobe, I wash her hands insanely after touch­ing raw meat.)

Turkey and Gruyere Super Sliders

1 lb. Organic ground all white meat turkey
1 cup of fresh, shaved gruyere cheese
3/4 cup of chopped white onion
1 table­spoon herb de Provence


Place chopped meat into large mix­ing bowl. Always be sure to wash hands thor­oughly when han­dling raw meat.

Chop onion and shave gruyere cheese (be sure to remove rind) and then add into the bowl. Add herb de Provence and scoop out large table­spoons full off meat and flat­ten into patties.

Cook on medium grill for 6–8 min­utes and flip. Grill for another 3 –5 min­utes. Be sure to check that turkey is cooked through.
This is where I was sup­pose to have a lus­cious look­ing shot of the slid­ers drip­ping all their savory good­ness on the grill. How­ever, those shots on my cam­era were acci­den­tally deleted I assume by some lit­tle hands. Instead I found about 15 shots of Scarlett's feet as well as her green frog by the water. Does this ever hap­pen to any­one else? Enjoy the sliders!


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