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Blueberry Nut Bars

We've been over doing it, have you? My kids are berry eaters any­way, but since local wild blue­ber­ries have appeared it's got­ten slightly out of con­trol. Julian yells at me when he sees them in the gro­cery store and would pre­fer a diet made exclu­sively of these lit­tle gems. I love watch­ing his focus as her prac­tices that pin­cer grasp, pluck­ing up the tiny berries from his high chair tray and then jam­ming them pur­pose­fully in his mouth. Ah, human greed.

Esme and I got through this past rainy Sat­ur­day by bak­ing with blue­ber­ries. We had a play­date on Sun­day after­noon and wanted to bring along a treat. Her buddy's dad is a  doc­tor who kindly took a dis­traught phone call from me recently about a med­ical issue Julian is hav­ing. I'm sure doctor's love that, when they're asked to give sec­ond opin­ions over the phone, right? Umm.… I know, ridicu­lous, but he was very nice about it and so these bars were also a thank you. I got a clas­sic dou­ble take from Esme's pal when I handed over the con­tainer of berry bars to him but said, "These are for your dad, you'll have to ask him if he'll share."


Crust and Crum­ble
1 cup flour
1 cup whole­wheat flour
1 cup rolled oats (not quick oats)
1/2 cup brown sugar
3/4 tea­spoon bak­ing pow­der
3/4 tea­spoon salt
1/2 tea­spoon cin­na­mon
2 sticks of cold but­ter
1/2 cup pecans (optional)

4 cups berries (I used 3 cups of blue­ber­ries and 1 cup black­ber­ries but I can't think of a com­bi­na­tion that wouldn't work. Maybe all straw­ber­ries would be too soft, but I like berries in com­bi­na­tion best any­way.)
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 tea­spoon lemon zest
2 table­spoon flour
2 table­spoon brown sugar


Pre­heat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix all the dry ingre­di­ents (except the pecans) from the Crust and Crum­ble together in a bowl. Toss well. Some will get all over the counter if you are bak­ing with a three year old. Oh, well.

Either use a food proces­sor to incor­po­rate the cold but­ter until the mix­ture is crumbly and the pieces of but­ter are pea-size. Ours is to small so we did it by hand. Cut the but­ter up with a sharp knife first and add to dry mix­ture. Use your fin­gers, pinch­ing each piece of but­ter and then toss­ing them so they get cov­ered by the dry ingre­di­ents. Keep pinch­ing and toss­ing until you have a crumble.

Remove 1 and 1/2 cups of the mix­ture and set aside.

Line a 13 x 9 x 2 inch pan with parch­ment paper and then but­ter the parch­ment. This will make it much eas­ier to get the squares out (and wash the pan). Press the crumb mix­ture into the pan. Use your hands or the back of a wooden spoon to really press it flat and even. Pop in the oven for 10 or 15 min­utes until golden — not brown!

While the crust is bak­ing, make the fill­ing. Toss all ingre­di­ents together in a bowl. Roughly chop pecans and add the small por­tion of crum­ble mix­ture you set aside. If you're at all wor­ried about nut issues just don't add the nuts — it will still be great.

Remove the pan from the oven and allow to cool. Once it's cool add the berry mix­ture and then sprin­kle the remain­ing crum­ble on top. Bake for 35 to 45 min­utes until the berries are bub­bling and the crum­ble is golden brown. Allow to cool com­pletely before cut­ting. Really, don't rush this part or you'll have a big mess! Lift the parch­ment out to remove the bars and place on the counter or cut­ting board. Cut length­wise into four strips then across in four strips to make 16 bars. Or what­ever size you like, really.

These weren't cool enough to cut before Esme's bed­time on Sat­ur­day night but they made a deli­cious pre-breakfast treat Sun­day morn­ing. And they packed up nicely to take on our play date where they were a big hit.



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