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Fancy Tuna Sandwich

Esme goes on food ben­ders. She's had toast with almond but­ter and jam for break­fast every morn­ing for about two months straight. Well, in truth, she spends twenty min­utes doc­tor­ing up an oozy sand­wich, has a cou­ple of bites and then gets down from the table — her paja­mas and hair a lot worse for wear. I'm going to take the high road and just say that such obses­sive behav­iour does not come from my fam­ily. Ahem.

One of Esme's first obses­sions was some­thing we dubbed the rol­lie sand­wich. It was always the same: tuna (the deli­cious Ital­ian style tuna, packed in oil), toma­toes, avo­cado and goat cheese on a tor­tilla, rolled up and heated just a bit. She prob­a­bly ate a cou­ple hun­dred of them before turn­ing on goat cheese like it had wronged her. What can you do? I'm not push­ing the goat cheese right now but I am re-introducing the rol­lie sand­wich in a health­ier form.

Fancy Tuna Sandwich

1 can tuna packed in water
1 stem of cel­ery chopped fine
1 or 2 table­spoons may­on­aise
3 or 4 cherry toma­toes chopped
1 car­rot, grated
1/2 avo­cado sliced
1 tortilla


In a bowl, mix tuna, cel­ery, toma­toes and mayonaise.

On the tor­tilla, makes stripes of the tuna mix­ture, grated car­rots and avo­cado slices.

Wrap tightly in the tor­tilla. Slice in half.



  1. oh my, this looks FABULOUS!!!! pin­ning it now!

  2. Ann says:

    I made this once sev­eral months ago and it was DELICIOUS. I loved it! Tasted like a wrap you would get in a fancy sand­wich shop and healthy too! Thanks for this recipe. Mak­ing it again this week for a girls luncheon.

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