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Guest Blogger: Arjun and Milo Basu's Cheezy and Garlic Bacon Pasta

If you don't fol­low Arjun Basu's awe­some daily short story twit­ters, you're miss­ing out. Hi tiny, poetic lit­tle bites of fic­tion are deli­cious (@arjunbasu). I met Arjun when he was the edi­tor of En Route mag­a­zine, now he's the edi­to­r­ial direc­tor at Spafax and recently pub­lished Squishy, a book of short sto­ries (DC Books).

Arjun's also a father and foodie and obvi­ously that's SPC's favourite kind of dad. When I asked him if he'd grace us with a post he past the buck onto his son Milo. I love that Arjun and his wife have got Milo signed up for a din­ner each week. This was his first time at it and I'm really impressed. Over to the men.… C.M.

My kid is a bit of a gour­mand. But the kind that won’t eat toma­toes. At least not in their nat­ural state. Milo is 10. And he loves to eat. And he’s always been good about help­ing his mother when she bakes. He also makes excel­lent salad dress­ing. His magic ingre­di­ent, almost always, is thyme. You will see proof of this soon. And he really does make great salad dress­ing. Thyme and all.

But he doesn’t really help out in the kitchen all that much. So we decided he should plan one night’s menu every week. He was all for it and he went through our cook­books and chose meals and ensured we had the ingre­di­ents (and if not, he wrote down the ingre­di­ent list). And then he’d help in the prepa­ra­tion. Mean­ing he would encour­age who­ever it was that was cook­ing. And per­haps stir a little.

And then we said, Why don’t you do the actual cook­ing? He agreed. And then he went one step fur­ther and said he would cook some­thing he, um, cooked up him­self. He would cre­ate a recipe of his own.
He con­sulted some cook­books for inspi­ra­tion. And then he asked me what we had in the freezer. I looked and dug out a large chunk of bacon. And then he went to work. He asked what kind of pasta we had. I checked (though I doubt very much the shape of the pasta would have mat­tered). The recipe, after much re-writing, looked like this:

It was remark­ably sim­ple. He called his grand­mother and she told him to make sure the gar­lic didn’t burn but it should also change colour before any­thing else. I cut the bacon into cubes for him. Since it was frozen, it was rather easy to cut. He might have added that fact to the recipe in hind­sight. And I chopped the gar­lic. Then I stepped back. And in less than 15 min­utes, we had our pasta. Thyme and all.

1 ounce bacon, cut in cubes
3 gar­lic cloves, chopped
2 tb olive oil
I tb dry thyme (more if using fresh)
Ground pep­per and salt to taste
1/3 cup parmesan


Boil water for pasta and cook accord­ing to instruc­tions.
Saute bacon until cooked. Remove bacon and put it in a bowl. Drain excess bacon fat and add olive oil to the pan. Put the gar­lic in the pan and sauté it.
Add the thyme and the ground black pep­per and salt. Then add the bacon. Add sauce to pasta. Toss the pasta with the parmesan.



  1. Serene says:

    That seems like a lot of thyme, but yay, good job, Milo!

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