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Rice crispy bars with blueberries and raisins

Every­one is talk­ing about back to school, but I'm still try­ing to squeak the last bit of sum­mer out of the sea­son. Since Scar­lett is only three (I will cry-a lot-when Scar­lett does go to school full-time), we're not at the stage of need­ing healthy school lunch options. Fast. How­ever, many of you are, so the next two days I will have healthy snacks that will travel great in your child's lunch box. We made this nutrition-packed ver­sion of the dreaded rice crisp bar by Whole Foods at the cot­tage. Dur­ing a heat wave. Thank­fully, we only had to use the stove for a few min­utes.

This recipe can be made with almond but­ter, but, in the inter­est of safety and the nut restric­tions in schools, I used sun­flower seed but­ter. Both but­ters taste great and are good sources of nutrition.


1/2 cup sun­flower seed but­ter
5 table­spoons of raw agave nec­tar
4 cups brown rice crisps cereal
1/3 cup of raisins
1/3 cup of dried blue­ber­ries
1 table­spoon of real vanilla extract
1/2 tea­spoon of ground cinnamon


Lightly spritz a 7 x 11 inch bak­ing dish with cook­ing spray. Put aside.
Place cereal, raisins and dried blue­ber­ries in a large bowl. Heat sun­flower seed but­ter and agave over medium-low heat until warm. Remove from heat when it resem­bles a smooth, thick syrup and add the cin­na­mon and vanilla extract. Stir.
Pour over cereal mix until com­pletely coated. Pour into pre­pared bak­ing dish. Using wet hands, evenly pat down mix­ture into pan. Place in refrig­er­a­tor for an hour or two to chill. Cut into bars and serve. Keep chilled between servings.

Scar­lett mea­sured and poured the brown rice cereal from the pack­age. I think more went on the floor then in the bowl. When I asked her if I was going to find rice crisps around the cot­tage for the rest of my life, she flatly replied, "Yes, you will." At least she's honest.

Scar­lett screamed "Wait!' and ran into the other room when I told her it was time to make our snack for the blog. (Yes, she under­stands where this stuff goes. She even insists on pic­ture approval. I worked at a mag­a­zine for years and some major celebri­ties were eas­ier about their cover choice than Scar­lett.) She came out with her stuffed rab­bit ,s tripped a tea towel from my island and then stuffed the rab­bit into the towel and wrapped it around her. It looked like a baby in a sling. She announced she had to cook with her baby. This is all get­ting a bit weird, don't you say?

The butter/agave mix should have a smooth, syrup-y consistency.

Be sure to use wet hands to pat down the rice batch into the pan. Scar­lett and I did this together and got super sticky.

Here's what we did as we waited for the pan to chill:

painted rocks and took a swim.
Then we feasted on the bars. Like I said, school may be around the cor­ner, but we're still rel­ish­ing sum­mer. Thank you very much.



  1. shanna says:

    I have tried many rice crispy and gra­nola bar recipes and the sticky stuff is always too sweet. THIS is great! I have just tried this with a sub­sti­tu­tion of unsul­phured molasses (I could not find any nutri­tion web­site that had any­thing good to say about the agave syrup) and it tasted really good and not at all too sweet. The sun­flower seed butter/almond but­ter is a great idea. Hope­fully it trav­els well to school!

  2. Ceri Marsh says:

    We're so glad it worked out for you. I've been want­ing to try more bak­ing with molasses — great idea! Thanks for reading!!

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