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No Kidding Around Cranberry Sauce

In an attempt to reduce refined sugar, things have got­ten a lit­tle nutty out there. There are cer­tain things that, as far as I am con­cerned, require a whole heap of white sugar. Sweet cran­berry sauce is one such thing, rasp­berry jam and my Nana’s short­bread are a cou­ple of oth­ers. If you like your cran­berry sauce sweet, you go for it. You will catch no flack from me this Thanks­giv­ing. If, how­ever, you want to try some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, here’s my take. I’m par­tial to the tart­ness of this ver­sion myself.

No Kid­ding Around Cran­berry Sauce

4 cups fresh (or frozen) cran­ber­ries
2 tsp orange zest
3 oranges — juiced about 1 cup
3/4 cup maple syrup


Zest your oranges and then squeeze them for their juice.

In a pot bring to boil juice and zest. Add cran­ber­ries — you will hear pop­ping as the skins break. Stir in maple syrup.

Let sim­mer until you achieve thick, goopy con­sis­tency — about 20 min­utes — stir­ring occasionally.


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  1. Laura Keller says:

    Thanks for a new twist on cran­berry sauce … I've always just made it with sugar, but will give maple syrup a try this weekend!

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