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Carrot Soup

I have friends who use their Sun­days to cook for the week, or a good bit of the week. They'll make two or three things that freeze and re-heat well — like chili, dahl, lasagna or soup. I think about it every week but can never seem to do it. I'm so pleased with myself this week­end that I was sort of able to pull it off. I made this car­rot soup on Sat­ur­day while the kids were nap­ping. Well, Julian napped. Esme played can­non ball off of her bed until I hollered up at her three or four times and then she played paper dolls like a nice, quiet child.

It's so easy that I wasn't burned out from cook­ing when it came time to make din­ner. You can amp up or chill out the spices as your fam­ily likes. I think of it as the soup ver­sion of the car­rot chick pea stew Kat­rina posted months ago.

Not Too Spicy Car­rot Soup

2 table­spoons of olive oil
1 onion chopped
2 cloves of gar­lic minced
1/2 inch of fresh gin­ger minced
1 tea­spoon chili
1/2 tea­spoon cumin
1/2 tea­spoon cin­na­mon
3 or 4 car­rots, peeled and chopped — enough for about 3 cups
3 cups low sodium veg­etable or chicken stock
juice of half a lemon — about 2 or 3 table­spoons
plain yogurt to garnish


Warm a glug or two of olive oil in a large pot or Dutch oven over medium heat. Sautee onions, gar­lic and gin­ger for about two min­utes. Stir in spices and cook for another minute or so.

Add car­rots and stir well until they are coated lightly in oil and spice. Add stock and increase the heat until it boils. Reduce and allow to sim­mer for about 20 min­utes or until car­rots are quite tender.

Puree in small batches until the soup is quite smooth. You may need to add a lit­tle water or stock to thin it if it's too thick. I prob­a­bly added a half cup of water at the end. Stir in lemon juice. Taste and check sea­son­ing. Serve gar­nished with yogurt unless your child has a wild aver­sion to any­thing that could be described as a sauce.



  1. Bettina Krauss says:

    Hi Ceri,

    it was nice read­ing your arti­cle.…
    and it´s funny that we meet in web shar­ing cook­ing ideas… but it´s really a good idea to get some ideas for daily fam­ily cook­ing by sweet potato chronicles!

    Greet­ings to your fam­ily, from

    Bet­tina, Mar­tin, Jakob and Nora :-)

  2. paula schuck says:

    Very inter­est­ing and it looks del­ish to me. Do your kids really eat it though? My kids have a big aver­sion to any­thing that is dif­fer­ent at all — or not cov­ered in ketchup. I would love to make this, but hon­estly if I am going to invest my time I want to know at least one of my kids will eat it.


  3. Ceri Marsh says:

    Hi Bet­tina!! So nice to see you on the site!! I think we need some posts from Ger­many, hint, hint. Does Jakob help you in the kitchen yet? xoC

  4. Ceri Marsh says:

    I hear you Paula — it can be a vicious cycle, right? We don't want to go to the bother and then be faced with the charm­ing "Yuck" cho­rus at the table so we play it safe with food we know they'll eat.

    Hon­estly, some days I push it with them, intro­duce one new thing, insist they try it and cross my fin­gers. And other days I'm not up to it and I make "cheesy noo­dles" for the mil­lionth time.

    I do find get­ting them involved in the prepa­ra­tion can make a big dif­fer­ence. But to answer your ques­tion, they did like it, minus the gar­nish. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow!

    Thanks for reading!!

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