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Health Kick Week: Swiss Chard Rolls of Goodness

You know it's bad when you ask the cat to get din­ner ready. Beg, really. The first week back to our rou­tine after two weeks of hol­i­day loung­ing bliss is always a tough one. And every­one is feel­ing it. Scar­lett asked me to go home and cud­dle when I picked her up from school. She gen­er­ally wants to go hand glid­ing. Well, not really, but she would. She's always strangely ready to go, despite it being late in the afternoon.

Since I'd hit the wall well before her, I was thank­ful that I had an easy din­ner lined up. Although it did feel like a chore by the time we got home. Hence all my whin­ing to the cat. We're also on our health kick after the sugar tor­ture we inflicted on our bod­ies, so I couldn't just order a pizza or throw a grilled cheese at the kid. I had to muster the ever-loving energy. Some one give me a medal for this or, at least, a drink.

I'd found this recipe on my Whole Foods app and then added some good­ies and sub­tracted one or two as well. They rec­om­mended try­ing the rolls with left­over turkey meat or you could go veg­gie all the way.

Swiss Chard Rolls of Goodness

2 eggs
2 cloves gar­lic, chopped
1 car­rot, grated
2 table­spoons chopped pars­ley
1 cup grated white ched­dar
1/4 tea­spoon pep­per
2 cups chopped cooked chicken
2 bunches Swiss chard, trimmed


In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, gar­lic, cheese, pars­ley and pep­per. Add the cooked chicken pieces. Set aside.

In a pot of boil­ing salted water, immerse four flat­tened stalks of swiss chard that are no longer than 12 inches. Blanch for 1 minute. Place on a paper towel lined bak­ing sheet. Select a leaf and place three table­spoons of fill­ing in the the cen­ter and then fold and roll the leaf from the stem to the tip. Think bur­rito. Place rolled leaves in seam side down in a steamer bas­ket and steam for 8 min­utes, or until inter­nal tem­per­a­ture of the rolls reaches 160 F. Serve with brown rice.

I knew Scar­lett would dig rolling all the leaves. I just wasn't sure how she'd receive them on her din­ner plate.

When it came time to serv­ing I placed it on a plate with some rice and we actu­ally had fun eat­ing it with our hands. I really enjoy the lit­tle chicken bun­dles and they smelled so yummy. She did peel away some of the Swiss chard and focus on the filler but I fig­ure next time. There's always next time.


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