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Guest Bloggers Casey and Moey Make Crazy Bread Pudding

This cook­ing team barely need an intro­duc­tion, do they? SPC reg­u­lars, we've come to expect amaz­ing kitchen prowess, hilar­ity and extreme adora­bil­ity from Casey and Moey (their Mom, Natalee is no slouch her­self!). This post is exactly what we love: fun in the kitchen and an easy, deli­cious dessert. Thanks for tak­ing us int the week­end with a great brunch idea! — C.M.

Casey and Imo­gen love fruit and they love crois­sants, put them together and they love crazy bread pud­ding! I call this crazy bread pud­ding because a lot of rip­ping and throw­ing goes on when the kids make it. The kids get cre­ative mak­ing this for break­fast or dessert with their favourite fresh ingre­di­ents. Before you say, “I don’t like bread pud­ding,” let me say that every­one says that and then they have this bread pud­ding and say, “that is DELICIOUS!” The key to bread pud­ding is the same as any other beloved recipe it is only as good as the ingre­di­ents. Grab a bag of day old crois­sants from your favourite bak­ery. Then give your kids free rein to add loads of fruit: cher­ries, apples, raisins, berries, any­thing but bananas (too moist) will work and if you like choco­late, dark choco­late, good qual­ity crois­sants and a dust­ing of icing sugar make a bril­liant bread pud­ding. Casey asks for 2 chopped apples, lots of blue­ber­ries, and chopped frozen peaches.

Crazy Bread Pudding

4 large crois­sants ripped into pieces
2 apples (what­ever your favourite kind is) peeled cored and chopped.
A fist­ful of frozen peaches chopped
Two fists full of blue­ber­ries (1 cup)
Cin­na­mon maybe a tea­spoon and a half (I just let them have a turn each)
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup honey (I just let them driz­zle it in so that’s a guess)
pinch of salt


Line up ingre­di­ents and let them throw in what they want. Mash ingre­di­ents together in a big bowl and then press into a but­tered bak­ing pan. Bake at 325 for about 40 min­utes. What you want is some­thing that looks a bit like an apple crisp, brown and firm but not dark. Yum!

You can see that Casey needs some food! Imo­gen has taken a new inter­est in cook­ing with me and so the twins join forces. Rip­ping up crois­sants is so much fun it is done before I can pick up the camera.

This is just heaven with Kawartha Dairy ice cream for dessert or scram­bled eggs and bacon for breakfast.


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