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One-Pot Week: Chef Dad whips up Mediterranean Chicken Stew

Henry IV reput­edly wished a chicken in every pot, and I’m down with that, but some­times it’s a chal­lenge to make that chicken strut around in a flight of furi­ous fancy, instead of lan­guish­ing in yet another last-second meal reek­ing of fowl play-te (I need an edi­tor.  I know.) 

For this stew, I pulled from the clas­sic spaghetti all put­tanesca dish of Italy – lit­er­ally “spaghetti in the style of the whore” (no gig­gling from the back row there!).  Story is that work­ers of the brothels-in-the boot-country were ostra­cized for their, um, trans­ac­tions, and so they didn’t get out and shop for fresh food, as most of their neigh­bours did, so they ven­tured out once in a while.  Canned items made up much of their can­tina, and when it came time to cook, items like capers, olives and tomato sauce often made it into their <shame­ful!>< scan­dalous!> dinners. 

Many of us keep sim­i­lar items in our pantry shelves, and for­get about them.  It’s great to have these “basics” to use when the clock (cluck?…I really need an edi­tor) is tick­ing down and grum­bling stom­achs echo through­out the (hen) house. It doesn’t take much effort – just a good can opener and a few chops of the knife. Crostini is great with this — fun for the wee ones to help make and for them to scoop up the goodies.

Mediter­ranean Chicken Stew

Serves: 4–6  

Time: 1 ½ hours, from first chop to first spoon

 4 table­spoons olive oil

3 pc chicken breast, cut into 1” cubes

2 pc onions, white, peeled and sliced thin

10 pc mush­rooms, white, washed and cut into quarters

2 cloves gar­lic, minced

1 tea­spoons tomato paste

1 tea­spoons Worces­ter­shire sauce (optional)

2 tea­spoons bal­samic vinegar

1 ½ cups tomato puree (or sauce)

2 cups chicken stock, low sodium or homemade

1 ½ cups chick­peas, canned

4 table­spoons black olives, sliced

1 ½ table­spoons capers

2 sprigs oregano or rose­mary (or both!)

1 bay leaf


In medium sauce­pot, heat 2 tbsp oil over high heat until oil shim­mers.  Add chicken and brown for 5–6 min­utes.  Sea­son with a bit of salt and pep­per.  You may have to do this in 2 batches.  Remove chicken with slot­ted spoon and drain, reserv­ing liquid.

Add remain­ing olive oil to same pot and sauté onions for 5 min­utes over medium-high heat, until browned and soft.

Add gar­lic, tomato paste, mush­rooms and cook an addi­tional 2–3 min­utes, scrap­ing bot­tom of pan with wooden spoon to get all the flavour off the bot­tom of the pot.

Add reserved chicken and liq­uid, Worces­ter­shire sauce, bal­samic vine­gar, tomato puree / sauce, chicken stock, chick­peas, black olives, capers, herbs and bay leaf.

Bring to boil and then reduce to simmer.

Sim­mer for 45–60 min­utes, or until sauce has thick­ened and chicken is ten­der. Sea­son with salt and pep­per (see note below)

Note: Feel free to add basil, chili flakes, pep­pers, anchovies or even cooked spinach to this.  Our son Yusef likes it with rice, but it makes a great pasta top­ping (obvi­ously!), so it’s flex­i­ble.  Also note that with all the salty items – olives, capers, anchovies (if using), try to use reduced-sodium chicken stock, or even just water, and watch how much salt you use!



  1. Another great recipe from Chef Dad! Yummy!

  2. Love this stew, thanks!

  3. Jennifer Lacey says:

    MEDITERRANEAN CHICKEN STEW incred­i­ble, some mem­bers of the fam­ily enjoyed it over whole wheat pasta oth­ers quinoa :)

  4. Hi, Paul remem­ber me. Claus Derisma from the Air Canada Cen­tre. How are you?

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