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Baked Banana Boats

We've been away in sunny Florida the last few weeks so our daily dessert intake has sky­rock­eted. It's what hap­pens when a Cold Stone Cream­ery is down the street from you. Not sure if you've ever had their choco­late cookie and ice cream sand­wiches, but their diet sui­cide. I have to admit though, even when we're not on vacation, we do dessert.

Scar­lett always gets some kind of post-dinner treat ( I hate call­ing it that) whether it be fruit, a home­made cookie, or some­thing I couldn't resist at the mar­ket or bak­ery. I think I'm eas­ier going about dessert because I have a great eater for a kid. If meals and nutri­tion were a chal­lenge for our family, I know I'd feel quite dif­fer­ently about sweets. Scar­lett fin­ishes her meals and doesn't really shy away from any foods. She'll always try some­thing new and will often give it a sec­ond and even third chance if the first time didn't please her palate. There­fore, I don't make dessert a big fuss. I fig­ure if it's not taboo then she won't eat entire choco­late cake with a side of an ice cream bucket on her own one day. I have an every­thing in mod­er­a­tion motto and try to make dessert mostly a healthy dose of fruits with a few nights of some­thing more. I also believe dessert doesn't always have to mean cakes or cook­ies. It can be a diges­tive bisquit, cracker or frozen fruit bar. It can also be this yummy dessert boat by Whole Foods.

Baked Banana Boats

4 bananas
1/4 cup chopped straw­ber­ries
1/3 cup gra­nola
1/4 cup of agave
1/4 cup chopped wal­nuts
1/4 shaved dark chocolate


Pre­heat the oven to 350.

Hold a banana in your hand with the curve side up and slice through the top and cen­ter being sure not to punc­ture through to the bot­tom. Place each banana in some foil.

Pry open the banana gen­tly with your fin­gers cre­at­ing a space for your top­pings. Driz­zle agave into the banana and then care­fully pack with gra­nola. Sprin­kle with straw­ber­ries, shaved choco­late and chopped walnuts.

Fold foil around bananas, cre­at­ing a cra­dle for each. Leave top open. Bake bananas for about 10 min­utes, until choco­late is melted and bananas are hot. Remove and allow to cool for a few min­utes and then serve.

Once again, I got ditched by Scar­lett for some­thing bet­ter. This time the some­thing bet­ter was a swim in the pool. I didn't mind. This treat took all of 20 sec­onds to make so I was able to join her in the pool.

Scar­lett and her Dad devoured the bananas. A fan of any­thing banana (espe­cially banana cream pie) my hus­band fought Scar­lett for bites. The warm banana, melted choco­late and gooey agave was such a sat­is­fy­ing com­bi­na­tion that we didn't miss Cold Stone Cream­ery at all. Ok, maybe a little.



  1. Karen says:

    These look and sound deli­cious! (and love those bowls btw!)

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