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Immune Boost Week: Kale and Berry Smoothie

There's a vegan restau­rant in our neigh­bor­hood in down­town Toronto that I've been addicted to for years. It has a vast menu of smooth­ies that are tai­lored to just about any­thing includ­ing cur­ing a hang­over and treat­ing a chest cold. When Scar­lett was an infant I made sure my stoller route always made its way past Fresh so I could duck-in and get a smoothie. I usu­ally got The Ani­tox­i­dant — a blend of pomer­gran­ite, blue­berry and banana. Other times I'd get a shot of wheat­grass or, if I was feel­ing espe­cially sleep deprived and under the weather, one of their immune elixirs would do the trick. I'm a fan of the Immune Boost which has car­rot, beet, apple, gin­ger, lemon, cayenne and echinacea. As Scar­lett grew, Fresh was one of the first restau­rants she dined in. And, like her mommy, she loves the smooth­ies. Of course, I've given them dif­fer­ent names. The Antiox­i­dant sounds so unin­spir­ing to Scar­lett so we call that one The Dora. Obvi­ously, there is The Princess, The Cinderella, The Darby (that's Tig­ger and Poo to you) and The Ariel.


Nowa­days, I don't get to visit Fresh on such a reg­u­lar basis. Sadly, our stroller adven­tures have dwin­dled and are now replaced by activ­i­ties like ten­nis or bal­let. How­ever, our sched­ule doesn't keep me from being inven­tive with my own blender at home. Scar­lett and I have  a lot of fun toss­ing every­thing but the kitchen sink into our mini-blender to see what kind of treat we can froth up. We've had a few flops. But, this lit­tle gem, is one of our suc­cesses. A nice dose of kale and berries is the kick in the seat your immune sys­tem may need.

Kale and Berry Smoothie

1 1/2 cups milk
2 table­spoons 2% greek style yogurt
1/4 cup fresh straw­ber­ries
1 banana
1 cup frozen, chopped kale leaves
1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries


Com­bine milk, straw­ber­ries, banana, kale, blue­ber­ries and yogurt in a blender and pulse until smooth. Serve with a cut, fresh strawberry.

Scar­lett and I made this round of our own immune elixir for her nana while she was vis­it­ing. Nana loved the laven­dar hue of the smoothie and downed her glass in just a few gulps. Since she kept steel­ing sips from Scarlett's cup, I fig­ured that meant she liked it. You have to keep an eye on those grand­par­ents, you know. They're always caus­ing trouble.



  1. Kat says:

    Deli­cious. My favourite kale ver­sion is bor­rowed from Raw­li­cious: kale/pineapple/banana/mango. So good!

  2. […] what I wouldn’t do for a smoothie right about now. Sweet­Pota­toChron­i­cles posted a kale and berry based smoothie. Looks del­ish and I’m sure if tastes great […]

  3. Janine says:

    WHY am I not mak­ing these for myself?? Sheesh. Clearly I need a smoothie boy to make them for me. Am now off to make a protein/blueberry/yogurt smoothie, which may or may not include kale depend­ing on what else is in the frozen bag of stuff in my freezer.

  4. […] Kale and Berry Smoothie is a great dessert (or morn­ing treat) that lends itself to just about any berry. You also get the disease-fighting good­ness of kale. […]

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