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Immune Week: Breakfast for dinner Corn Pancakes

I knew a fam­ily when I was grow­ing up that had dessert before din­ner on Sun­day nights. Well, I didn't know them well and I didn't really know for sure that they even had this prac­tice but Deanie Byron told me they did and she was the boss of me. In any case, I thought this was an amaz­ing tra­di­tion and yet was never able to con­vince my mother it was one we should intro­duce to our family.

I still think it's a good idea to throw some curve balls into fam­ily meals. My kids are a lit­tle to sugar focused for me to go this route. Plus, I'm not ready to drop the dessert-as-vegetable tac­tic even though all the picky eat­ing experts I've spo­ken to say not to do this.… I'm sorry, I can't give it up! What I can do is make break­fast for din­ner, which blows Esme's mind. I've made straight up pan­cakes as din­ner before but I like the idea of some­thing more savoury. And so these lit­tle babies were born. Oh, and pan­cakes for din­ner was some­thing my Mom used to do, so I guess this is our ver­sion of an amaz­ing din­ner time tradition. 

photo by Maya Vis­nyei

I love the tex­ture of the corn niblets with the corn meal but you could really use any finely chopped veg­etable, as long as you'd steamed them or sauteed them to make them tender.

Corn Pan­cakes

2 eggs, seper­ated
2 cups but­ter­milk (2 Tbsps vine­gar added to reg­u­lar milk and left to sit for 10 min­utes becomes ad hoc but­ter­milk)
2 Tbsps veg­etable oil, plus a bit for the pan
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp bak­ing soda
1 tsp bak­ing pow­der
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2 cups corn meal
1 cup frozen corn
4 scal­lions, trimmed and chopped from white to begin­ning of green


Pour corn into a bowl to thaw as you pre­pare the rest of the recipe

Beat egg whites into soft peaks and set aside.

Blend egg yolks, oil and but­ter­milk well.

Mix flour, corn­meal, bak­ing soda, bak­ing pow­der, salt and sugar together until well combined.

Com­bine wet and dry ingre­di­ents and add corn and scal­lions. Gen­tly fold in egg whites. Let stand for 10 min­utes before cooking.

Heat a small amount of veg­etable oil heat in a pan to just above medium. Pour a 1/4 cup of bat­ter per pan­cake into the pan, cook until you see bub­bles along the edges, flip and cook for a minute or two on the other side.

Serve with steamed veg­eta­bles for dinner!



  1. Terra says:

    These look deli­cious! And Rosie might actu­ally eat them — she is not at all into din­ner these days. So break­fast for din­ner might be a hit. I will report back. Also love the new photos!

  2. Heidi Pyper says:

    I'm mak­ing this week­end for sure! beau­ti­ful pics too. fancy pants.

  3. Michelle says:

    I made these last night for din­ner with a vari­ety of top­pings!! SO good!! Rave reviews from all my din­ner guests!

  4. erica says:

    These look so good! I'm going to make these this wek­end, we love any­thing with corn. Thanks for shar­ing your recipe and pics.

  5. Natalee says:

    This looks great! We are totally try­ing it this week. Your Mom made pan­cakes for din­ner because she is Welsh!

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