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Salad Week: Chicken and Asparagus Salad

The other night as Scar­lett and I walked to one of our favorite restau­rants for din­ner I asked her what she wanted to eat. She said, "I'm not sure. You're get­ting the salad, right? The one with the beets?" She knows that just about any meal of mine (minus break­fast) can eas­ily be a salad. It all depends on where we are eat­ing it. At Ter­roni? The one with the tuna. At the Bier­Mar­ket? The one with the beets. At Fresh? The one with the Tem­peh. Even Scar­lett likes a good salad.

In March, I spent a month in Florida and I have to admit, a lot of our meals were eaten out. How­ever, one night, we vis­ited friends for din­ner and were served this deli­cious salad. I couldn't get enough of it. Even though I'm very at ease with these friends, I didn't feel com­fort­able enough to scrape the left­overs from the bowl with my tongue. That's wrong, right?

Our friend Colin is so inven­tive and pro­fi­cient in the kitchen, it always inspires me to be more play­ful and exper­i­men­tal. He can make the best pasta dishes out of the blue using only left­overs from God-knows-what-dinner and make it insanely deli­cious. I've never seen him use a cook­book (not that there is any­thing wrong with that), he's just very intu­itive. On that evening, he pulled together this salad. Using a fresh, roasted whole chicken from the pre­pared food sec­tion of the super­mar­ket, it doesn't get eas­ier than this folks.

Chicken and Aspara­gus Salad

1 whole roasted chicken, white meat sliced and cut into bite size chunks
1 cup shaved ched­dar cheese
1 red pep­per, sliced and chopped
1 bunch of aspara­gus, steamed and chopped
4 kale leaves, stemmed and chopped


1/2 cup of olive oil
1 table­spoon dried basil
1 large clove of gar­lic, minced
1/4 red wine vine­gar
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper


In a tall, lid­ded pot, place two inches of water. Tie aspara­gus into a bun­dle with string and place in pot upright, with stems at the bot­tom Cook for 3- 8 min­utes depend­ing on thick­ness of aspara­gus. Remove from water and set aside.

Chop chicken meat and place in a large mix­ing bowl. Shave cheese and cut aspara­gus into bite size pieces sim­i­lar in size to chicken. Chop red pep­per. Com­bine chicken, cheese, aspara­gus and red pep­per into bowl and gen­tly mix. Driz­zle desired amount of dress­ing into salad. Use a wooden spoon to combine. 

Arrange chopped kale on plates and then spoon chicken salad over top and serve.

Scar­lett and I couldn't wait to repli­cate this meal. Colin served it on bibb let­tuce leaves, but I decided to use shred­ded kale. We added the red pep­per and con­sid­ered car­rot too. Scar­lett snapped the stems from the aspara­gus as I chopped the chicken meat into chunks. She also helped with the chop­ping once the aspara­gus was cooked. She chat­ted with me non-stop about our day. I sud­denly had a feel­ing of what it may be like to cook with her when she's 15, minus the attitude.

As we fin­ished our meal, I asked Scar­lett and Dan what else would be good in this salad? Dan sug­gested apple. I came up with chives. And Scar­lett said, "Pear would be good." Then, with a twisted laugh, she added," Or an eye­ball." If you want, you can try that addi­tion. I'm good, thanks.



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    Nom nom nom that looks GREAT!

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