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Weekday Breakfast: Yogurt Granola Parfait

What are morn­ings like in your house? In our house we go from slow motion (the boy wakes every­one before we're ready, so we're slug­gish) to fast for­ward (Come on, come on, come on, we're late!) in the blink of an eye. Well, really it's 8:25. Right before our nanny arrives and we real­ize we're all still in paja­mas and nowhere near ready to face the out­side world.

The kids know not to ask for pan­cakes for break­fast dur­ing the week but I've been feel­ing sort of bad that the alter­na­tives are toast (what I would eat for every meal if left to my own devices, which I never am) or por­ridge. So I've been think­ing of other week­day break­fasts that I could add to our rota­tion. Ben makes some­thing called "Break­fast Explo­sion!" and yes you need the excla­ma­tion mark — it doesn't work with­out it. The kids like to steal bites out of his bowl, which is piled high with yogurt, muesli, nuts, dried fruit, raw oats and, hon­estly, God knows what. It's a bit too Mem­o­ries of Gorp for me but it got me thinking.

I made this refined ver­sion on the week­end and it was a big, big hit. The kids are always try­ing to mooch frozen berries as snacks so I knew their inclu­sion would make this break­fast pop­u­lar. And I pushed my luck by mak­ing it on a Sun­day when they'd nor­mally get some­thing more French toast-ish. I used a home made gra­nola (here's the recipe, it's pretty great) but you could absolutely use a store bought gra­nola or muesli. Using plain yogurt and honey cuts the sugar roughly in half com­pared to a typ­i­cal fruit yogurt. The whole thing comes together in under five min­utes, which on a hec­tic week­day morn­ing is key. But any­thing called a par­fait sounds a lit­tle fancier than what you'd expect on a Wednes­day morn­ing, don't you think?

Yogurt Gra­nola Parfait

(makes 2)

1 cup gra­nola
1/2 cup frozen berries
1 cup plain yogurt
1 Tbsp honey


Pour gra­nola into the bot­toms of your two glasses (or cups or what­ever con­tainer you're using).

Roughly chop the frozen berries. Add all but two small pinches of berries into a bowl with the yogurt. Driz­zle honey over and stir it all together well. It will turn a light pink from the berry juice.

Spoon the yogurt mix­ture over the gra­nola. Top with those last pinches of frozen berries. Serve with small spoons. How quick was that? Let us know what you do on week­day morn­ings — we love hear­ing from you!


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