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Best Of the Season Week: Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho

My guy friends used to tease me that if you wanted to be in my good graces then don't sug­gest I have any­thing to do with the three things I hate. They'd say, "Bridges, toma­toes and dogs!" don't bring them up with her. I thought their mono­logues about my weird pho­bias were hys­ter­i­cal. I'd also think it was a riot that they'd slip tomato chunks into my sham­poo bot­tle.  As I write about it now, not so hysterical.  For some rea­son, it was fun­nier when we were drunk in Fire Island. Yet it's all still true. (Sorry to all you dog lovers. I love ani­mals, just can't live with a dog.)

Oddly, with­out me ever prompt­ing her, Scar­lett does not like toma­toes. She does, how­ever, love her Grandpa's home­made tomato sauce, ketchup and salsa. She's just like myself. I don't push her about her dis­ap­proval with the veg­etable because she's ini­ti­ated a lot of inci­dents where she's tried them. "Mommy, I'll just have this one," she'd say pop­ping a cherry tomato out of a salad and into her mouth. The kids tried. I think it may be a tex­ture thing with her. I know that's the case with me.

The prob­lem is that it's hard not to com­ment on toma­toes dur­ing a "Best of the Sea­son" week though. Tomatos are rich in lycopene as is water­melon, so this soup is a full­out antiox­i­dant boost for the body. (Lycopene helps guard against some can­cers includ­ing breast and prostate.) So, in an effort help my daugh­ter (and myself) get more of the lycopene rich veg­gie out­side of our usual pasta din­ners, I decided to give this gaz­pa­cho recipe I found by Whole Foods a whirl. What's the worst thing that could hap­pen? Dan eat Gaz­pa­cho for a week?

Water­melon and Tomato Gazpacho

6 cups roughly chopped seed­less water­melon, divided
3 cups roughly chopped toma­toes, divided
1 shal­lot, roughly chopped
2 table­spoons olive oil
2 table­spoons sherry vine­gar
1/4 cup roughly chopped cilantro, divided
salt and pep­per to taste


Toss 51/2 cups of the water­melon, 2 1/2 cups of the toma­toes, shal­lots, oil, vine­gar, 2 table­spoons of the cilantro into a food proces­sor and puree until smooth. Trans­fer to mesh strainer and place above a large bowl. Strain the puree, press­ing as much of the con­tents through as pos­si­ble. Dis­card left­overs. Cover and chill for at least 1 hour.

Finely chop remain­ing 1/2 cup water­melon, 1/2 cup toma­toes and 2 table­spoons cilantro and mix together in a bowl. Pour soup into bowls and gar­nish with water­melon and tomato mix, and serve.

I know you've heard me say this before, but this recipe was easy. I mean, for real! Scar­lett and I snacked on the water­melon as we cut it and I tossed the pieces as well as the very, very, very roughly chopped tomato into my food proces­sor. The rest gets pitched in and it's done.

When we tried it, Scar­lett said (and I swear this is the truth) "Oh my Mommy, this is so good." I couldn't dis­agree with her. With a salad, veg­etable side and/or pasta, it a refresh­ing com­po­nent of any sum­mer meal.



  1. Def­i­nitely going to give this a try. I love qaz­pa­cho and the addi­tion of water­melon sounds excel­lent. I'll prob­a­bly top mine with a lit­tle feta cheese because I love that salty, sweet, acidic combination.

  2. Ceri Marsh says:

    Ooh, I love the feta idea! Actu­ally I did a salad post last sum­mer that's like a Greek salad but uses water­melon instead of toma­toes — so good!

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