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Guest Blogger: Jo, Harvey and Cleo mix up an Adzuki Bean and Brown Rice Salad

This is my friend Jo. After years of not cor­re­spond­ing, it's funny that we should cir­cle back into each other's lives because of chil­dren (thanks to this very site about cook­ing with kids, but face­book helped too). After all, it's kids (10, 9 and 10 year-old girl campers to be exact) that made us friends.

It was the sum­mer of '89 and Jo and I met at a sleep-away camp sit­u­ated in the Catskill moun­tains of New York state. We were co-councellors of a sweet, scared, ner­vous, whiney, adorable and sassy group of girls all jammed into a  bunk house with a bath­room that bred bugs the size of cats and bed cots that were as com­fort­able as a gravel dri­ve­way. I don't remem­ber a lot from that sum­mer other than the hours we'd spend talk­ing late into the night while tucked under blan­kets in a dank cor­ner of the bunk, the towny bars we'd hang out in on our nights off, the plat­ters stacked high of grilled cheese sand­wiches at our com­mu­nal lunches and the times we laughed about the insanely odd but fun sit­u­a­tion we found our­selves in that summer.

A few years ago, Jo and I got back in con­tact and, since the incep­tion of SPC, she's been a sup­port­ive and loyal friend all the way from her lovely Eng­lish coun­try­side home. Married to Berni, another Eng­lish trans­plant at Camp Echo, who she wed years later after an unlikely reunion, Jo has two gor­geous children, Harvey,9, and Cleo, 7.

Far from the flat­tened, grilled cheese sand­wiches we were served at Camp Echo, Jo makes healthy and deli­cous dishes like this salad. Accord­ing to Jo, she was rec­om­mended the recipe by her sister-in-law when she needed to lose some extra preg­nancy weight. A fan of this salad because "it's full of crunchy veg­eta­bles," and it also helped her lose 2 stone (what is that in pounds any way?), Jo has kept it a part of her nor­mal meal rotation. Besides, in Jo's own words, "if you don't mind chop­ping, this is an easy salad to pull together." Sign us up.

Adzuki Bean and Brown Rice Salad

1 mug­ful (prob 1 or 2 cups I should think) of brown rice, cooked accord­ing to instruc­tions
4 oz can of adzuki beans (I usu­ally use more than this)
1 large green pep­per, chopped
2 stalks cel­ery, finely chopped
1/2 cucum­ber, diced
6 spring onions, finely chopped
salt to taste

4 fl. oz olive oil
1 table­spoon white wine vine­gar
1 fat clove gar­lic, crushed
1 tea­spoon mus­tard pow­der
1 tea­spoon salt
2 table­spoon finely chopped pars­ley
2 table­spoon finely chopped cel­ery leaves ( i usu­ally don't bother with this)


Make up the dress­ing (minus pars­ley and cel­ery leaves) and add to the cooked rice (while still warm) and adsuki beans. Mix well.

When cold add the chopped mixed veg­eta­bles mix­ing them in lightly. Sea­son again if required. Serve with a sprin­kle of chopped pars­ley and cel­ery leaves.

Cleo didn't help with this dish since she's more a baker. You're actu­ally more likely to find Har­vey in the kitchen because he now sports a cook­ing badge from Cub Scouts. And since they're both robust eaters, this salad is a fam­ily favorite. Although, Cleo pretty much eats any­thing if it means she can one up her brother. (After all, this is a kid who decided to eat pick­les one morn­ing for break­fast.)  Sigh.…If only she hate kale and he ate toma­toes. Then every­thing really would be rosy in the Eng­lish countryside.



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    Absolutely great! Thank you!

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