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Guest Bloggers Natalee and Wendy Make Barbecue Pie

Bar­beque Pie, Bar­beque Pie, if I don’t get some I think I’m gonna die! Take away my frozen foods, take away my fries but don’t take away my bar­beque pie!

Meet Wendy Mor­gan. Wendy is my GGG, my go-to gourmet guru. Any­time I have any ques­tion about cook­ing or (espe­cially bak­ing) Wendy has the answer.  So when Imo­gen wanted to invent some­thing spe­cial that she would name Pocopiya (Po-Co-Pie-Ya) we went to Wendy’s house.

Wendy and her hus­band, writer Jonathan Ben­nett, have two kids Thomas and Ivy who are fast friends with Imo­gen and Casey and we thought a hot day after swim­ming lessons would be the per­fect time to get the four involved. Thomas quickly lost inter­est but Ivy, Imo­gen and Casey helped decide what would go in the pies and arranged the pas­try around the fruit (Appar­ently it is impor­tant to poke your Pocopiya.) We used a help­ful cheat. Pills­bury now makes a pre-rolled pas­try in two rounds which we laid out on foil over a bak­ing sheet, but it goes with­out say­ing that if you have the time or incli­na­tion, home­made pas­try can be used.

We made two kinds of pie. The first was white nec­tarine, pear, laven­der from the gar­den and a bit of but­ter and sugar. The sec­ond was blue­berry, straw­berry, black­berry with a bit of but­ter and maple syrup.

The nec­tarines and pears were grilled with the juice of half a lemon until they were a bit soft. The berries were just tossed and spooned into the pastry.

Fold the edges around the fruit and trans­fer to the grill. BBQ bak­ing works best with indi­rect heat—this means that the pies are not on top of flame—otherwise, the bot­toms will burn. Here’s how to achieve this: if you have three burn­ers, turn off the mid­dle burner and leave the outer two turned to medium heat. If you only have two burn­ers, turn off one, but be sure to keep an eye on the pies and turn them halfway through the cook­ing process. Keep the grill between 350–400 degrees; if it gets too hot, open the lid, if it’s too low, turn up the heat. Your pies should be ready in 30–45 min­utes. Your fill­ing should be nice and bub­bly and the pas­try should be golden brown and not chewy when you steal a pinch.

Serve with a dol­lop of Kawartha Dairy vanilla ice-cream and savour the silence.

Bar­be­cue Pie

2 pas­try rounds (pur­chased or homemade)

Fill­ing for white nec­tarine, pear and laven­der pie:

2 pears, sliced thin
4 white nec­tarines, sliced thin
juice of half a lemon
1 table­spoon chopped laven­der blos­soms
1 table­spoon chopped laven­der leaves
¼ cup melted but­ter
¼ cup sugar

Fill­ing for mixed berry pie:

1 1/2 pints blue­ber­ries
½ pint black­ber­ries
½ pint straw­ber­ries (basi­cally 4 cups of berries how­ever it works out)
½ cup maple syrup or 1/3 cup white sugar
¼ cup melted but­ter
juice of half a lemon
1 table­spoon flour


Layer three squares of tin foil one on top of the other and place one pas­try round on top. Repeat. For the pear nec­tarine pie squeeze half a lemon over the fruit and grill on the BBQ for 5 minutes—a grill bas­ket comes in really handy here.

Com­bine grilled nec­tarines, chopped laven­der and laven­der leaf, melted but­ter and sugar. Spoon the fruit into the cen­tre of the pas­try. Fold edges up to con­tain the fruit (like a giant tart). For the berry pie com­bine berries, hulled and chopped where nec­es­sary, maple syrup, melted but­ter, and the juice of half a lemon. Sprin­kle the mix­ture with the flour and stir just enough to dis­trib­ute the flour. Spoon berries into the cen­tre of the pas­try. If there’s any liq­uid left in the bowl, pour over the fill­ing after you fold up the edges.

Trans­fer the pies to the grill, mak­ing sure you are putting them over the burner that is turned off; a cookie sheet is really help­ful here. (If you’re wor­ried about the trans­fer and your cookie sheet fits, you can place the whole thing on the grill.) Close the lid and wait! Check on them peri­od­i­cally and keep and eye on the heat. In about half-an-hour you can cut and serve!


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  1. Natalee says:

    you can see that the kids poked a hole in the berry pie so that some leaked out but it was still fabulous!

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