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Lunch Week: Hummus and Feta Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread

In the inter­est of full dis­clo­sure, if my mom put this in my lunch box a few years ago (that's right, I'm that young. What?) I never would have eaten it. I was the worst kid. The. Worst. I never ate any­thing. O.K., maybe I ate three things. So it's very weird karma to me that I have a kid who eats absolutely every­thing, except toma­toes. (Although she keeps try­ing them. She really wants to like them.) How­ever, I do find that kids nowa­days eat a lot more that my gen­er­a­tion. We spend a lot of lunches with Scarlett's friends and I'm always amazed at the things some of these kids eat. (I'm also hor­ri­fied by some of the stuff they talk about, but that's another story. Just please don't talk about Justin Beiber in front of my 4-year old. He's so lame.) If your kid(s) enjoy hum­mus, this sand­wich won't be a hard sell.

I found this recipe in a Bon Appetit but I've made a few kid-friendly changes. For instance, it called for mint and cilantro to be added. Scar­lett loves both but a lot of kids pick green leafy things out of sand­wiches, espe­cially when other kids are around siz­ing up their lunch. It also used cucum­ber instead of apple. I just liked the idea of apple and it tasted great. How­ever, feel free to use cucum­ber. I won't be insulted. In fact, go for the cilantro and mint if you think you can pull it off with your kids.

Hum­mus and Feta Sand­wich on Whole Grain Bread


1 14– to 15-ounce can organic gar­banzo beans, drained
1 gar­lic clove, peeled
3 table­spoons fresh lemon juice
3 table­spoons tahini
2 table­spoons extra-virgin olive oil


2 slices whole grain bread
1 granny smith apple, thinly sliced (squirt some lemon juice on them to keep from get­ting brown)
4 ounces feta cheese, cut into 1/4 inch thick slices or crumbled


For hum­mus:

Place gar­lic and beans in food proces­sor and mix until smooth. Add lemon juice, tahini and oil and process until smooth puree. Sea­son with salt and pep­per to taste. You can make this advance and keep in an air­tight con­tainer in the regrig­er­a­tor for one week.

For sand­wich:

Spread 2 table­spoons hum­mus over each slice of bread. Top one slice with the feta and apple slices. Place slices together and cut in half.

This is also an easy sand­wich kids can make them­selves (minus the slic­ing of the apple). It was actu­ally Scarlett's idea to crum­ble the feta instead of using the slices I'd cut from the block. She said, "This is more bet­ter Mommy. It's how it's sup­pose to be." I guess she knows best. After all, she runs a food blog.



  1. Nicole says:

    Oh hi Laura, I just found this blog — and you & Scar­lett — amaz­ing! You're so lucky your kid eats every­thing, Bijou not so much. But I did by an egg slicer (they have them in red?!) and her absolute favourite thing to make is egg salad. I love this blog, what smart ladies you all are.

  2. Laura Keogh says:

    Hi Nicole! How are you guys! Boy, did we miss you last year at bal­let. How is Bijou? Andrew? Thanks so much for check­ing us out. How did you find us? Big kiss to Bijou! Best, Laura

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