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Super Snack Week: Grape Salsa

Our neigh­bors at the cot­tage are this amaz­ing cou­ple. From Van­cou­ver, they travel every sum­mer with their fam­ily to the tiny strip of Geor­gian Bay beach we all call home come June. Now, when I say fam­ily, I mean fam­ily. They have the biggest fam­ily ever. I'm not just count­ing their three chil­dren. I'm talk­ing about their extended fam­ily. Both from huge house­holds, Eliz­a­beth (one of 7) and Paul (one of 6), spend the sum­mer sur­rounded by all their sib­lings, in-laws, neices and nephews. Plus any­one else who hap­pens by.  As a result, their cot­tage is never quiet. It's what makes them the best neigh­bors. All the activity–tight rope walk­ing, body surf­ing, bows and arrows, play­ing clar­inet or sax, shoot­ing potato guns and bois­ter­ous camp fires–are just par for the course per week­end at the Clarks. (I swear they do this stuff. Even the tightrope. Don't ask.) And, luck­ily, they invite us to jump in when­ever. It makes for some great after­noons and Scar­lett loves all the crazy activities.   

With a lot of fam­ily around, comes a lot of mouths to feed, and Liz makes prepar­ing meals for a dozen peo­ple look easy. She'll dis­ap­pear for what seems like 10 min­utes and then, viola, there's an amaz­ingly deli­cious spread avail­able for every­one. She gen­er­ally laughs off people's com­ments about how effi­cient she is, but I think I fig­ured out her secret. She has a great repetoire of sal­ads, entrees and snacks that she knows are easy and crowd pleas­ing. This salsa is one of them, and she got our fam­ily addicted to it this summer.

Grape Salsa

2 1/4 cups halved red grapes
1 large clove gar­lic, minced
1 table­spoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 tea­spoon fresh chopped cilantro


Wash and cut grapes as well as gar­lic and cilantro. In a medi­ume bowl, mix grapes with cilantro, gar­lic and oil. Toss and serve with corn chips or toasted multi-grain pita.

Do you like the pic­ture Scar­lett drew for you? I thought it would look great with the salsa.

I made this batch for Scar­lett while she was at school. When she came home I had it wait­ing for her along with some baked multi-grain chips as well as polenta crack­ers. I thought she would be excited to see the "sum­mer" dish wait­ing for her but instead she said, "that again?!" I wasn't dis­cour­aged. I took that to mean she had her fill of a lot of great moments this summer–eating as well as playing.



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  2. hannele jantti says:

    Eliz­a­beth is indeed a great cook and a host­ess. Have to try to make this grape salsa now…

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