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Sweet Potato and Yellow Split Pea Soup

After I get over the ini­tial shock that sum­mer is over, I set­tle into my fall atti­tude. I actu­ally become pretty pleased that I don't feel the pres­sure to get outside. Once it starts to get really chilly, I hun­ker down and nest. I even enjoy the rain (which we've had a lot of lately) since it's a rea­son to eat lots of com­fort foods. However, I usu­ally have to remind myself of all the meals I put on the back burner dur­ing sum­mer. You know the ones: hearty chilis, fill­ing lasag­nas and crusty pot pies. I almost for­get what we ate the other 9 months of the year. DId I used to make any­thing other than straw­berry and water­melon salad? What were my easy dinners?  And then the real­iza­tion hits me like a ton of bricks: Soup! It's one pot. I can throw any­thing into them and my fam­ily doesn't feel at all cheated when they get a heap­ing bowl of good­ness along­side a grilled cheese. Unlike the nights they get scram­bled eggs. (I mean, gosh, what's wrong with eggs peo­ple? Do you have to give me that look? It's Fri­day and I'm tired.) However, there really is noth­ing bet­ter than a warm soup and gooey grilled cheese sandwich?

When I found this soup from Whole Foods, I couldn't wait to try it. It called for just a hand­ful of ingre­di­ents and fea­tured one of my favorite fall fla­vors: sweet potato.  I also knew that sweet potato would be an easy sell to Scar­lett. For some rea­son, I get resis­tance for cer­tain soups. Maybe one day she'll explain why she eats chicken noo­dle with aban­don but has to lay on the floor in protest to chicken and rice soup. Is rice that offensive? But if a grilled cheese shares the place­mat with the pre­vi­ously offen­sive rice soup, she's on board for that one.  Aaah, the power of grilled cheese.

Sweet Potato and Yel­low Split Pea Soup

8 1/2 cups water
2 medium sweet pota­toes, peeled and cut into 1 inch cubes
2 cup dried yel­low split peas
1 table­spoon freshly grated gin­ger
1 large onion, chopped
2 table­spoons toasted pump­kin seeds


Place  a large sauce pan over medium heat and fill with 1/2 cup water and onion, allow to cook until onions are translu­cent. Add gin­ger and saute for 2 min­utes. Add remain­ing 8 cups of water, sweet potato and peas to pot and bring to a boil. After a few min­utes, drop the tem­pa­ture and cover soup. Allow to sim­mer for 1 hour.

Allow to soup to sim­mer last 10 min­utes uncov­ered. Work­ing in batches, put soup in a food proces­sor and puree. Gar­nish with pump­kin seeds or sun­flower seeds.

This recipe made so much soup I threw  half of it in the freezer. You can eas­ily serve a fam­ily of four for two night with this recipe. It's also a pretty thick soup so it's nice and hearty.

When I served it to Scar­lett I asked her if she wanted any­thing else. "Do you have enough to eat?," I asked. She looked up from her nearly empty bowl and said, "I guess I could have some dessert." I'll take that to mean she's full and satisfied.



  1. Patricia McClure says:

    I have the same issues with rice, no idea what the prob­lem is. This soup looks spec­tac­u­lar and I have every­thing on hand, so guess what we are hav­ing for dinner!

  2. Kristine says:

    Just dis­cov­ered your web­site through the arti­cle in Todays Par­ent — I love it so far — I had to laugh at your com­ment about eggs on Fri­day — today is Fri­day and I have some aspara­gus that needs to be eaten so I am try­ing your aspara­gus frit­tata tonite — I might get a few of those looks too.….

  3. Ceri Marsh says:

    The egg thing inspired me, too! Made poached eggs over steamed aspara­gus and cous cous last night. It was such a sin­gle girl din­ner! My kids were not impressed but I thought it was per­fect. We're so thrilled you checked out the site after see­ing us in Today's Par­ent! We'll be there every month in our new col­umn. Let us know if there's any­thing you'd like to us to research, cook, find, etc. We love hear­ing from readers!

  4. Carmen Rassenberg says:

    This recipe is great. So easy. A hearty, tasty soup per­fect on a cold winter's night. My Mom loved it too! I had left­overs today for lunch. Thanks SPC for another go to recipe!

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