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Sweet Stuff: Crunch a Color Game

Every nutri­tion­ist and child care expert I've ever known or read frowns upon using dessert as a bribe in get­ting kids to eat their veg­eta­bles. But do I know a par­ent who does not rely on this tac­tic? Uh, no. And I include myself in their num­bers! I know, I know, I'm set­ting up a sys­tem where veg­eta­bles are the unpleas­ant neces­sity that my kids are required to endure to get what they really want: sugar. But it works, damn it, and I can't stop!

But I'm will­ing to give Crunch a Colour a try as an alter­na­tive. A meal time card game cre­ated by Jen­nifer Lee, kids get points for eat­ing foods in dif­fer­ent colour groups.

5 5 points for apples, bananas and grapes, 15 points beets, radishes and rain­bow chard. The game comes with a chart so you can keep a weekly tally and pit your kids against each other. What? Okay, that is not in the instruc­tions and prob­a­bly not advised by par­ent­ing experts. But I'm doing it. Stand by for results.… 14.95 at Indigo.


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  1. Kimarie says:

    I know– it seems the only way I can get Sam to eat veg­gies is to bribe him with dessert. But, his com­pet­i­tive streak really did respond to the crunch a color game. The dif­fer­ence it has made is that he is more eager to try new things, whereas before the only veg­gies he would eat were cucum­bers and car­rots, he has now tried beets, spinach and arti­chokes. I can't say he loves all these veg­gies, but for the points, he will at least try one bite (then make a face). Progress is slow, but its still progress! Thank you Crunch a Color!!!

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