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Vegetarian Week: Pumpkin, Feta and Cilantro Quesadilla

Hold on to your seats SPC read­ers: It's pump­kin sea­son. I'm a major fan of the veg­etable and love to insert it into just about any recipe. A quick review of our archives will reveal my addic­tion. Last year, I turned out pumpkin-gingerbread pan­cakes, pump­kin mac and cheese, pump­kin muffins, pump­kin french toast and more. So here we are doing it again, work­ing the vit­a­min A, C and E veg­etable into any dish. Scar­lett and I pulled these que­sadil­las together one night when I had all of 15 min­utes to get din­ner together. In this case, I sub­sti­tuted a can of pump­kin instead of cook­ing my own. (Be sure it's 100% pump­kin and not pie mix.) I warmed the puree and then mixed in the sea­son­ing. It was a short cut that saved me 20 minutes. However, I nor­mally love to pre­pare my own pump­kin and it def­i­nitely is a bit tastier.  Either way, you have a deli­cous vitamin-rich din­ner in a pinch.

Pump­kin, Feta and Cilantro Quesadilla

3 cups 1 1/2 inch cubes peeled, seeded sugar pump­kin
1 table­spoon chili pow­der
12 flour tor­tillas
10 ounces feta cheese, crum­bled
1 cup coursely chopped, fresh cilantro
1 table­spoon canola oil
1 cup sour cream


Cook pump­kin in a large sauce pan of boil­ing water until ten­der, about 10 min­utes. Drain and cool. While pump­kin is warm, trans­fer to proces­sor; puree until smooth. Stir in chili pow­der and sea­son with salt and pepper.

Divide pump­kin mix­ture among 6 tor­tillas and spread evenly. Sprin­kle with feta and cilantro. Cover with sec­ond tortilla.

Heat a large skil­let over medium heat. Cook que­sadil­las on each side until warm and browned, about 1 minute per side. Serve with sour cream.

I found some flax tor­tillas at my local organic shop that I couldn't wait to try with these. How­ever, Scar­lett enjoyed a sprouted grain tor­tilla. She also made her own. I did have to encour­age her to add enough ingre­di­ents though. Why are kids gen­er­ous with splat­ter­ing paint every­where but when it comes to dress­ing their own per­sonal pizza, spread­ing jam on bread or build­ing a que­sadilla they put two small pieces on some­thing and call it a day? Anyone?

I served these along side some baked chip and a black bean dip. All I needed was a mar­garita. Did you hear that Bethen­ney Frankel? Please send a case of Skin­ny­Girl when you have a sec­ond. Thank you.


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