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Wednesday Night Dinner with Amy Bronee: Chunky Chicken Chili

As much as Laura and I hear from other par­ents ask­ing for ideas about what to make for din­ner, we get as many ask­ing about how to get din­ner on the table. Or both. What am I going to make and how am I going to make it hap­pen? It's the Wednes­day night crunch: you're home by 5:30 or 6 if you're lucky and you're try­ing to turn around a meal before everyone's shared blood sugar lev­els plum­met into some­thing ugly. We know, we feel you. We decided it would be fun to know how some of our favourite food blog­gers take on the chal­lenge. It's giv­ing us a chance to intro­duce you to some of our favourite sites and favourite peo­ple and send intro­duc­tory love notes to sites we've only admired from afar.

Our debut blog­ger is Amy Bronee. I came across her beau­ti­ful site, Fam­ily Feed­bag, when Jamie Oliver — yes, that Jamie Oliver — tweeted that Amy's had won his Blog of the Month award. And I've been a fan ever since. Her recipes are ridicu­lously deli­cious and her pho­tog­ra­phy is fresh and bright. I really appre­ci­ate Amy's approach to food — she's clearly an ace in the kitchen but there's noth­ing fussy about her recipes or the way she talks about food. See for yourself!

Q: When did you cre­ate Fam­ily Feed­bag? How would you describe your blog?

A: I started the blog in Feb­ru­ary 2011 when my sec­ond son was about six weeks old. In those iso­lat­ing early days with a new baby and a preschooler to care for I real­ized I needed a project to feed my cre­ative spirit. It wasn’t clear to me at first exactly what sort of food blog I would have. I wrote about shop­ping for food and some of my favourite kitchen tools, but it didn’t take long before I real­ized that what I really had a pas­sion for was devel­op­ing my own recipes and pho­tograph­ing them. That’s what Fam­ily Feed­bag is today – a col­lec­tion of orig­i­nal recipes and food­tog­ra­phy from my kitchen. It’s yummy food made from scratch for a mod­ern family.

Q: How did Jamie Oliver take notice of Fam­ily Feedbag?

A: You know, I have no clue! Receiv­ing the Blog of the Month award was a com­plete sur­prise to me! A won­der­ful, thrilling sur­prise that I found out about when I sud­denly started get­ting a lot of traf­fic from his web­site. There are a lot of pas­sion­ate peo­ple behind Jamie Oliver’s Food Rev­o­lu­tion, and I owe some­one some­where a big thanks for rec­og­niz­ing my blog in that way. I deeply respect Jamie Oliver, his brand, and his food ideals a lot. So for me per­son­ally it is a great honour.

Q: What's your favourite din­ner to make on a busy week­day evening? Why do you like it?

A: I usu­ally like to know what I’m mak­ing for din­ner by lunch time. That way I can plan ahead how I’m going to take care of the kids dur­ing their late after­noon grump­ies and get din­ner on the table at the same time. Seri­ously, din­ner is at the worst time of day! If I leave din­ner to the last minute I’m usu­ally reach­ing for pasta. It’s quick, healthy, tasty, and I usu­ally have the ingre­di­ents on hand.

Q: How long does it take to make?

A: What fam­ily cook hasn’t whipped together spaghetti and meat sauce in 15–20 min­utes? Baked pas­tas take a lit­tle longer, but I think cheesy lay­ers of spinach lasagne are totally worth the wait!

Q: You're shar­ing a Chicken Chili recipe with us, what do you love about it?

A: Prep time is min­i­mal for this din­ner. Just brown the chicken, chop an onion, open some cans, and get it all in the oven. This could even be prepped in the morn­ing or the night before, then kept in the fridge until ready to bake.

Chunky Chicken Chili

2 lbs bone­less skin­less chicken thighs, cut into quar­ters
1 cup onion, diced
1 can (796 ml/28 fl oz) whole toma­toes
2 tsp chili pow­der
1 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp salt
1 can (540 ml/19 fl oz) red kid­ney beans, drained
1 can (540 ml/19 fl oz) chick­peas, drained
1 green onion, chopped, for gar­nish
1/2 cup grated cheese for garnish


While your oven pre­heats to 375 degrees (F), add the chicken pieces to a large non-stick fry­ing pan over medium-high heat. Once the chicken is cooked through, drain off any released liq­uid and con­tinue cook­ing until the chicken is golden brown. Trans­fer the chicken to a large casse­role dish with a lid and set aside.

Lower the heat of the fry­ing pan to medium and add the diced onion, cook­ing just until soft. Add the can of toma­toes to the pan (includ­ing the juice), and stir in the chili pow­der, cumin, cayenne, and salt. Once the mix­ture comes to a bub­ble, pour it over the chicken. Stir in the drained kid­ney beans and chickpeas.

Bake, cov­ered, for 45 min­utes. Serve with green onion and grated cheese as garnish.


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  1. karine says:

    Gor­geous! My kind of recipe: kids will love and eas­ily con­verted to vegetarian. :)

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