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Cookie Week: Maple Leaf Cookies

And more cook­ies! We're going to need some reha­bil­i­tat­ing, healthy themes come Jan­u­ary. Look out: Salad Week! Lentils Week! I Ate Too Many Cook­ies Week! But that's Jan­u­ary, for now we eat cook­ies! I love these maple leaf clas­sics and not just because I've got a thing for retro Cana­di­ana right now (although they do look great in my imag­i­nary, snow-covered, rustic-chic lodge, don't they?). They're sim­ple, but­tery and you really do get a hit of maple because of the last lit­tle flour­ish that's brushed on at the end. These are from Martha Stew­art and were easy peasy to make. They're not the ne plus ultra of Christ­mas cook­ies the way, say, glitzed up sugar cook­ies are (see today's other post) but don't you think Santa would be pleased to find a lit­tle plate of these wait­ing for him on Christ­mas eve?

pho­tos by Maya Visnyei

Maple Leaf Cookies

Makes approx­i­mately 4 dozen depend­ing on the size of your cookie cutter

3 cups all pur­pose flour
1/2 tea­spoon salt
2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted but­ter, soft­ened
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 egg yolk
3/4 cup maple syrup (plus a bit for brush­ing)
1/3 cup dec­o­ra­tive sugar (sand­ing sugar or large grained brown like turbinado look great but brown would do in a pinch)


In a large bowl, mix flour and salt together well. Set aside.

In another large bowl, beat but­ter and reg­u­lar and brown sug­ars together until the mix­ture is light and fluffy, at least 3 or 4 min­utes. Now add your egg yolk and com­bine. Add the maple syrup and give it another good mix. Turn your mixer down a bit and shake in the flour mix­ture. Just mix it until it comes together as a dough. Split the dough in half and make two disc shapes, wrap it up in cling film (or some such) and pop it in the fridge. Chill it for at least 2 hours or overnight if that's more convenient.

When you're ready to make cook­ies, get the oven heated to 325 degrees. Take one of the discs out of the fridge and unwrap it. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured sur­face until it's about 1/4 inch thick. Cut your leaves out (or what­ever shape you're rock­ing) and place each leaf on a parch­ment lined cookie sheet about an inch apart. Gather up the excess dough that's left over and roll it out again and keep cut­ting. Place the tray in the freezer for 15 min­utes to firm them up.

Bake for 14 to 16 min­utes. I did two trays in the oven at once or I would have been at it all day, this makes a lot of cook­ies! Watch them closely, you don't want them get­ting dark and it will hap­pen quickly! Don't for­get that sec­ond disc of dough — you've got a lot of cook­ies to make here.

* Two things — Martha's recipe includes another trip to the freezer than I'm includ­ing. She says, roll out your dough, chill for 15 min­utes. Take it out, cut the cook­ies then chill again. I just wasn't into it. And my shapes were nice and clean as you can see. The other thing is I used to not see the point of parch­ment paper and now I am com­pletely sold on it. So much less clean up and few destroyed baked good because you're not pry­ing them off a hot, metal­lic surface.

Care­fully pick up your parch­ment and move the cook­ies to a rack to cool. Brush each cookie with a bit of syrup and sprin­kle with the sugar of your choice. If you're going with straight up brown sugar, be sure to let your cook­ies cool com­pletely so it doesn't just melt into a sug­ary pud­dle. Not that that sounds so bad.…



  1. Laura says:

    I love maple syrup (only the real stuff will do), and I can see these cook­ies being use­ful for Canada Day, fall, trips to the Sugar Bush …

  2. Claire says:


    I love this recipe and I'm going to try it out this week­end. How­ever I don't have maple syrup as it's not so easy to get where I live. Can I use but­ter­scotch syrup instead? I know it's called maple leaf cookie, so I'm prob­a­bly sound­ing really stu­pid right now.

    Thanks and happy Holidays :)


  3. I love maple cook­ies! These look delicious…and I like how you used the large grain sugar…it looks like a per­fect match to the cookies.

  4. Ceri Marsh says:

    Thanks, Jenn! Let me know if you try them — they're my faves. And how cute is your site? I'm def­i­nitely going back for a cup­cake icing tutorial!

  5. Ceri Marsh says:

    Hi Claire! Hmmm… I think but­ter­scotch syrup might be too thick (but would prob­a­bly be really yummy!). And I'm guess­ing if you can't get ahold of maple syrup then you can't get agave, right? I think honey would be your best bet. Let me know if you give them a whirl! Thanks for reading!!

  6. Debbie Butler says:

    Love the sim­ple shape of your maple leaf.…can you tell where you pur­chased it? Love to make them for my mom who was raised in Alberta.. Thanks

  7. Ceri Marsh says:

    Hi Deb­bie,
    Thanks for your note. I think I bought them at a gro­cery store in Toronto called Metro. But I don't recall the brand of the cookie cut­ter — so sorry! I haven't looked but I won­der if Williams-Sonoma might have some­thing sim­i­lar? Good luck — and I hope you get to make your Mom these cook­ies!

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