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Roundup: Warm Your Belly Soups

We're talk­ing soups and sand­wiches this week. Aaaah, my favorite kind of meal. Actu­ally, my all-time favorite meal is a bunch of noshie foods, lit­tle appe­tiz­ers. How­ever, I'm not pro­mot­ing hum­mus and pita as a well-balanced meal. At least not today. A big bowl of soup and grilled to per­fec­tion sand­wich (some­one get me a panini press, please) is what makes Win­ter worth­while if you ask me. Ok, that and hot choco­late. (Don't try to talk me into ski­ing. I'm hav­ing none of it.) If you can't cozy up to the table and have a warm, hearty bowl of soup with a gooey grilled cheese (don't skimp on the cheese, for Pete's sake) then what's the point of going out in the cold?

But­ter­nut Squash and Apple Soup makes me won­der if there is a bet­ter way to get your apple today? Good point, pie is good too.

Chicken Noo­dle Soup is the food equiv­a­lent to your favourite pair of jeans. Am I stretch­ing? Ok, it's a classic.

Broc­coli and Cheese Soup is like a an immune boost in a bowl. Plus it's going to hit the spot. I mean, It's got cheese in it. I rest my case.

Tomato Ched­dar Soup also has cheese in it but it's the per­fect com­pan­ion to a grilled cheese on multi-grain with fries. Ooops, scratch the fries.

Cur­ried Pump­kin Soup is as sat­is­fy­ing as it sounds. Are you think­ing grilled turkey sand­wich? I am.


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