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Lunch box Special: Salad-on-a-Stick

Have I men­tioned I'm freak­ing out about hav­ing to pack lunches? I have, haven't I? The upside is that it's forced me into research mode and I'll be post­ing more ideas for lunches as they occur to me and I can test them out. I'm pulling this idea out of our birth­day mag­a­zine. Salads-on-Sticks are great for par­ties but they're also ideal for any packed lunch, whether you're on a late sum­mer pic­nic or need to fill a lunch box. I'm giv­ing you three com­bos below, but you could really use any­thing that will stay on a stick. Most gro­cery stores sell wooden skew­ers of vary­ing lengths — go for a smaller one. You can always trim them with kitchen scis­sors if they're still too big to fit in your food con­tain­ers. Every­thing looks cuter on a stick and hey, maybe this will increase the odds that lunch gets eaten at school. That hap­pens, right? Kids always eat the lunch you pack for them? Don't burst my bubble… 

pho­tos by Maya Vis­nyei

Cap­rese on a Stick

12 cherry toma­toes
8 baby boc­cancini
12 — 16 small-ish fresh basil leaves

Chef on a Stick

4 pieces of thinly sliced turkey, cut in half and then folded in half

8 cherry toma­toes
8 1×1 inch cubes ched­dar cheese
½ avo­cado, cut into 2 inch chunks

Wal­dorf on a Stick

½ Granny Smith apple, cored and cut into 2 inch slices
1 – 2 leaves of romaine let­tuce, cut into 2 inch strips
1 stick cel­ery, cut into 2 inch slices
8 – 10 seed­less red grapes


Alter­nate ingre­di­ents on your wooden skew­ers. Just be sure you put a good firm item on the ends. For instance, the cheese chunks are good as a last item on your Chef on a Stick to keep the folded slice of turkey from unfolding.



  1. Coll says:

    Great idea, but how real­is­tic is this to pack in a lunch?. The Apples and Avo­cado would turn brown by lunch and threw off any kid.…

  2. Gail Shapiro says:

    I was going to say the same thing as the last com­ment posted. The fruit and some veg­gies just won't last until lunchtime. Lemon juice won't help either. But a nice idea for the week­ends or with food that will look great at school lunch time.

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