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Dessert Week: Almond Butter Chip Cookies

Scar­lett and I have got­ten addicted to watching…wait for it.…the Food Net­work. It all came about when she was home for a week in early Octo­ber, side­lined by a nasty case of strep throat and Scar­let fever. (I know! The odds!)  After umpty-ump days of kid's tele­vi­sion, I finally couldn't take it any­more. So I flipped to the Food Net­work. We got hooked on watch­ing how all our favourite snacks like ShaSha gin­ger snap cook­ies were made while watch­ing the show Food Fac­tory. We also love watch­ing Chef at Home. I think Scar­lett likes Chef Michael Smith because he always ends his show by eat­ing the meal with his fam­ily so she gets to see his son. I just like his happy-go-lucky atti­tude. Our favorite show, hands down, is Bak­ing with Anna Olsen. We feel so sat­is­fied after an episode hav­ing got­ten three or four recipes out of one idea. Scar­lett now asks me to tape the shows so she can catch them after she comes home from school.

I really love bak­ing and con­jur­ing up recipes so it's basi­cally my dream to be Anna Olson–just whip­ping together the per­fect puff pas­try. I think it's also my dream to have her kitchen. I mean, gosh, the woman has entire cab­i­net draw­ers devoted to things like flour and sugar. Hello?! I have kitchen draw­ers devoted to crap. Not Anna. She just breezily pulls open a drawer filled with all pur­pose flour, digs her mea­sure­ment cup into it and then tosses her ingre­di­ents into a bowl. How deca­dent is that? Not me. I have to fum­ble around with a mason jar–shoved to the back of an over stuffed cab­i­net (spilling part of a bag of polenta while try­ing to reach said mason jar)–only to find my mea­sure­ment cup doesn't fit into the neck. It's why, for now, I just stick to the easy stuff like muffins and cookies.


These cook­ies are really just a ver­sion of a beloved cookie of mine. Since I was a lit­tle girl I've always loved those peanut but­ter cook­ies that have a Hershey's kiss pressed into the cen­tre. I know. It's so basic but I never get tired of them. I'm also pretty sure they were one of the first things I baked. How­ever, Scar­lett isn't a big fan of peanut but­ter so I decided to switch up the recipe and make a ver­sion using almond but­ter filled with mini choco­late chips. Why just stop at one bite of choco­late is what I say?

Almond But­ter Chip Cookies

1/2 cup  (1 stick) but­ter, soft­ened
1/2 cup smooth almond but­ter
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 1/4 cups spelt flour
1/2 tea­spoon bak­ing pow­der
1/2 tea­spoon bak­ing soda
1/4 tea­spoon salt
3/4 cup mini choco­late chips



Pre­heat your oven to 375. Grease a bak­ing sheet with butter.

Cream the but­ter and the sugar together. Add the almond but­ter. Next add the egg and mix until fluffy.

Whisk the flour, bak­ing pow­der, soda and salt together. Com­bine the dry ingre­di­ents into the but­ter bat­ter in stages, blend­ing until incor­po­rated. Add the choco­late chips and mix.

Drop a table­spoon amount of dough onto the cook­ies sheet and then flat­ten it a tiny bit with the back of a spoon. Space your cook­ies about 1-inch apart. Bake in the oven for 20 to 22 min­utes. I con­sider this the most impor­tant step if you want chewy, soft cook­ies. Be sure to watch them care­fully. If you want more crisp cook­ies, allow them to bake another few minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool for a few min­utes. Trans­fer them to a wire rack to fur­ther cool. Store in an air­tight con­tainer for 5 days, if you can actu­ally keep them around that long.

Hon­estly, if I had the time, I'd make these cook­ies every day. I may even love them more than my child­hood favorite because it's impos­si­ble to not have a bite full of chips.

I like to think Anna would be proud.




  1. Jenny says:

    I've never had almond but­ter — these sound delicious!

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  3. Andrea says:


    Just a quick ques­tion about these cook­ies… I've tried them a few times now, fol­low­ing the recipe to a "t" and I can't seem to get them right… First, if I leave them in the oven for more than 8 min­utes, they will be toast, burnt, yuck! Also, they don't seem as nice as yours look in the pic­ture… mine are thin and greasy. Won­der­ing if I should add more flour? What could I be doing wrong?

  4. Laura Keogh says:

    Hi Andrea

    I'm sorry the recipe is giv­ing you a prob­lem. I went back to check it's mea­sure­ments since I've been know to have a typo but all seems good. Let's see.…are you using the oil from the top of the almond but­ter in your mea­sure­ment? I always try to remove it from my mea­sure­ment. Is your but­ter mea­sure­ment cor­rect? You could try adding 1/4 more flour but you'll likely have a more cakey cookie. Are you using room tem­per­a­ture but­ter or melt­ing it in the microwave? There was no kitchen trick­ery with those photos…those are how my cook­ies come out so I feel badly you're hav­ing a tough time repli­cat­ing them. Try omit­ting the oil if you haven't already as well as increas­ing the flour. Let me know how it goes.….I'll wait to hear from you! Good Luck.

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  6. […] when I eat peanut but­ter, I find it to be over-powering at times. This recipe is orig­i­nally from Sweet Potato Chron­i­cles. But I made some changes to it, some of which I would keep, and other’s I would throw away… […]

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