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Get Your…Vitamin A: Maya's Morning Smoothie

Every week Kathy Mag­ilton, the funny and won­der­ful writer of our What's So Great About col­umn, sends me into a twirl. Each Mon­day, like clock­work, we get her col­umn, read it and panic. Shit. Why aren't we eat­ing more Chia? Damn. I for­got about mint or dan­de­lion greens. I love the report­ing in her columns since they put a spot­light on some not-so-obvious nutri­tional pow­er­houses. How­ever, Ceri and I would be lying if we said they didn't make us race to the ran­dom post-it note in our purses to add the topic to our float­ing gro­cery list. After all, most of them are easy to incor­po­rate into your family's diet.

There are also the items that I don't for­get about. Foods like kale, broc­coli, sweet potato, gar­lic, leeks and toma­toes. I try to eat a few of them each day. Car­rots are also big antiox­i­dant that we see a lot of in our house. How­ever, a car­rot stick with some dip is def­i­nitely start­ing to bore me and the rest of my fam­ily as well. Yet you can't beat the super dose of vit­a­min A–with four beta carotenes–the veg­gie offers. So when our pho­tog­ra­pher Maya Vis­nyei told us about this smoothie, fea­tur­ing car­rot juice, she threw together one morn­ing, I couldn't resist try­ing it.

Car­rot juice?! Why hadn't I thought of that sooner? So we whizzed this up in our blender and fell in love. I can always count on Maya. Not only is the woman a genius behind the cam­era, but she's no slouch in the kitchen either. If I could only get her to make din­ner tonight for me–That would be genius too.

Photo by Maya Visnyei


Maya's Morn­ing Smoothie

1 cup car­rot juice
1 orange, peeled and quar­tered
1 banana, peeled


Place all your ingre­di­ents in the blender and give it a good whiz until the orange bits are quite tiny. Serve immediately.



  1. Ineta says:

    I've just made t. I steamed car­rots since they're bet­ter absorbed then and I dashed a bit of cream for the same rea­son. It was yummy yummy..:)

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