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Roundup: Slow Cooker

I'm on a huge slow cooker kick right now. Maybe it's because there isn't any­thing bet­ter than com­ing home, after a long day, to a deli­cious smelling kitchen and an equally deli­cious meal. Maybe it's the com­fort in going to sleep know­ing that you'll have a bowl of warm oat­meal ready for you when that dreaded alarm goes off in the morn­ing. I love the depth of flavour you can get from a slow cooker recipe and how sim­ple and few ingre­di­ents you need. I've rounded up five of SPCs slow cooker recipes for you to try out.

There is noth­ing I love more than a good taco and I love using my slow cooker to make them. Try out these Slow Cooker Chicken Chili Tacos this week.

Slow Cooker Pork and Black Bean Chili is a com­fort­ing clas­sic per­fect for these cold Jan­u­ary days.

How deli­cious do Slow Cooker Ribs sound? Yum!

Slow cook­ers aren't only great for din­ner, but they can make a killer oat­meal. Try out this Apple Cin­na­mon Oat­meal for break­fast.

Lastly, another amaz­ing oat­meal is this Pump­kin and Spiced Apple Slow Cooked Oats.

Are you obsessed with your slow cooker?



  1. Wow– this is such a timely post for me! I just got myself a slow cooker and am totally hooked. Throw a few things in and when it's time to go home, din­ner is ready. Brilliant!

    Will have to try some of these deli­cious recipes :)

  2. Javamom says:

    Oh.…how would I live my life with­out my slow cooker! I got one as a gift years ago, and my mom specif­i­cally asked if I wanted the big­ger, oval one instead of the cir­cu­lar, smaller one. Am I ever glad I picked big, those ribs my kids want to eat inces­santly wouldn't fit in the small one!!

    Nice post. Thanks for the inspi­ra­tion of those yummy look­ing tacos.

  3. […] been try­ing to make a lot of warm, healthy com­fort foods this week, I’ve really been using my slow cooker and try­ing to warm up with soups. When I was think­ing about what theme to pick for this week’s […]

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