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We Heart…Chocolate and Coconut Bread Pudding

Yup, we gone and did it. We started talk­ing about Valentine's Day well in advance of the hol­i­day. We are offi­cially hyp­ing. Now, I'm not really a Valentine's Day girl.   If you've ever wan­dered the lonely streets of New York City on a cold Feb­ru­ary evening, date-less and bit­ter (that was never me…I mean, I always had a date on Valentines's when I was sin­gle, clearly), you'd have less than a lit­tle enthu­si­asm for this hol­i­day. Even after I mar­ried the best Valentine's ever, I still wasn't in to the idea of cel­e­brat­ing. Then my daugh­ter came around and, sud­denly, I was doing annoy­ingly adorable things like mak­ing heart-shaped pan­cakes (see last year's post) and cut­ting out paper con­fetti hearts. How­ever, I've got to admit. I'd rather eat my liver than deal with those Garfield class valentine's (did I just date myself?).

Before the hype here starts, it has to start at home. In other words, we've been road test­ing choco­late dishes since the Christ­mas tree nee­dles started shed­ding all over my liv­ing room. We actu­ally found the recipe one evening when we hun­kered down to watch an episode of our favorite show Chef At Home with Michael Smith. He did this wildly rich dou­ble choco­late bread pud­ding using dark choco­late along with choco­late milk and choco­late liquor. It looked like total choco­late over­load (in that deli­ciously over-the-top good way!), and Scar­lett insisted we make it. Once we did, we couldn't stop eat­ing it. We also couldn't stop mak­ing it so it seemed a good can­di­date for our love week post. I couldn't help but keep chang­ing it–easing off some of the choco­late and allow­ing for my lat­est fix­a­tion of coconut. (I stole a Mounds bar from Scarlett's Hal­loween loot a few months ago and it reminded me of how much I love coconut and choco­late together. It's been down­hill ever since.)

I still haven't decided if I'm done with evolv­ing this recipe to suit my crav­ings. I'm con­vinced I can do a ver­sion with peanut but­ter. Right?! Can't you see it? Maybe that will be next year's Valentine's post? Obvi­ously, we start talk­ing about it on New Year's day.

Pho­tos by Maya Visnyei

Choco­late and Coconut Bread Pudding

1 loaf day-old chal­lah bread, cubed
1 400 ml can light coconut milk
1 1/2 cups milk
1 cup brown sugar
2 table­spoons cocoa pow­der
1 table­spoon vanilla extract
4 ounces dark choco­late, cut into sliv­ers
5 eggs
1 cup mini choco­late chips
1 cup shred­ded coconut
whipped cream (optional)


Grease six to eight (depend­ing on their size) ramekins and set aside. Pre­heat your oven to 400.

In a saucepan, place coconut milk, milk, brown sugar, cocoa pow­der and vanilla extract and whisk until heated. You don't need to bring it to a boil, it just needs to be warm enough to melt your choco­late slivers.

Put choco­late sliv­ers in a large mix­ing bowl. Pour milk and sugar mix­ture over and whisk until choco­late sliv­ers are melted and smooth.Whisk in the eggs. Add the bread cubes and gen­tly mix allow­ing to bread to soak up the choco­late liq­uid. Mix in the choco­late chips and coconut.

Spoon into ramekins and place on a bak­ing sheet. Bake in the oven on the mid­dle rack until firm, about 45 to 50 min­utes. Watch these babies as you don't want their tops to burn or bake too­long and dry out.

Remove from the oven and cool ramekins. Serve with whipped cream.



  1. Louisa says:

    I saw the same Michael Smith episode and have been want­ing to make it, but I'm going to make your ver­sion instead! Looks to die for!

    Coconut and choco­late is one of my obses­sions right now too.

    xo, Louisa

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  3. Lindsay says:

    I made this and it is amaz­ing! I baked it in one dish rather than the ramekins because I hate clean­ing those things. It still turned out per­fectly. Thanks!

  4. Laura Keogh says:

    Lind­say, Thank you so much for your note. I'm so happy you loved it. And, just between you and me, I hate clean­ing ramekins too!

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