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Spring Greens Week: Crunchy Asparagus Fries

I'm really not a fan of kid's menus. Have you ever noticed how they always have the same five things on them? It's a rare restau­rant that doesn't fea­ture some kind of com­bi­na­tion that includes chicken fin­gers, mac and cheese, pizza, hot dog and ham­burger. Oh, wait, I for­got grilled cheese and that god­for­saken end­less side of French fries. Those are all there too. I know kids are crea­tures of habit but, hon­estly, do we not want to have some­thing a lit­tle adven­tur­ous? I mean, at least for the sake of the moms. I swear I'd be 5 to 10 lbs lighter if I didn't have to fin­ish the fries on Scarlett's plate or make that other half of grilled cheese go away when we dine out. I think it has a lot to do with how I was raised. I grew up in a house­hold that preached fin­ish­ing every­thing on your plate. Plus, as an adult who wit­nesses the ongo­ing waste­ful­ness of chil­dren (ever have to throw out a whole roll of toi­let paper because it was unwound and water­logged?), I just can't, in good con­science, let gobs of food go to waste. So I eat it–One fry at a time find­ing home on the pil­lowy cush­ion of skin above my bra strap. Damn back fat! And damn those crappy kid's menus! Most restau­rants are now just French fry push­ers to me.

Asparagus Fries 24456-1Why can't restau­rants come up with some­thing like these aspara­gus fries? With all their fancy man­dolins and sous chefs, they could eas­ily cart out sides that are more healthy and fun. They don't even have to bake them like me. They can plunge them in their fancy fry-0-lator filled with 350 degree oil. At least when I was fin­ish­ing up the plate it would be with some­thing green, not a big ol' sliced white potato. Ok, some­times we order the sweet potato fries.

Crunchy Aspara­gus Fries

1 bunch of fresh organic aspara­gus, cleaned and ends snapped off
1/2 cup spelt flour
1/4 cup panko
1/2 cup parme­san cheese
1/2 cup multi-grain bread crumbs
1 tea­spoon ground gar­lic
2 eggs
salt and pep­per to taste
1 tea­spoon olive oil


Spray a bak­ing sheet with cook­ing spray and set aside. Pre­heat the oven to 375.

Snap the ends off the aspara­gus and then wash and lightly pat it dry with a paper towel. Set aside.

Place spelt flour on a plate. In a wide, shal­low bowl, whisk the eggs with a fork. Then mix your panko, parme­san cheese, bread crumbs and gar­lic in another wide, shal­low bowl. Now you've got your dredg­ing sta­tion ready. Tak­ing three or four stalks of aspara­gus at a time, coat them in flour, then drop them in the egg. Finally, roll them in the panko mix­ture and place them on the pre­pared bak­ing sheet, leav­ing a bit of space between them. Repeat until you've fin­ished the entire bunch of aspara­gus. Sprin­kle the whole lot with salt and pepper.

Pop the bak­ing sheet in the oven and bake for 15 to 20 min­utes, or until the bread­ing is golden brown and crisp.

I made a dip­ping sauce using yogurt, honey and fresh chives but you could basi­cally use any side sauce you fancy. Hey, it could even be ketchup and then you'll really feel like fin­ish­ing off that plate of fries.




  1. Rosemary says:

    Wow, Laura you are dead on with this topic. I've started to tell wait staff not to even give us the kids' menu. What do they think kids are — auto­matic fat proces­sors? Any­way, mine loves aspara­gus; so, this recipe is def­i­nitely on the must try list!

  2. I love this recipe, so sim­ple yet fabulous!

  3. Genius! I can't get enough aspara­gus this time of year and this looks like a won­der­ful way to eat it!

  4. renee says:

    aspara­gus fries

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