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Pancake Tacos

Do you remem­ber when the school year started and I was all "look at me I'm a break­fast hot shot"–making it the night before so morn­ings weren't rushed? Do you also remem­ber how Ceri pro­fessed to being the lunch ninja, mak­ing din­ners and lunches for the next day in one mas­sive chop. Well, it's a malarkey now. I'm at the 100th day of school slump and I'd bet Ceri is now wrap­ping cold pizza in tin foil. (To those who wrap cold pizza in tin­foil, we def­i­nitely do not judge. I'm just point­ing out how I've fallen off my blog­ging girl game.) It may just be me. Ceri could very well still be hold­ing down the lunch fort, but I really let my break­fast mak­ing slide.

Pancakes-1Photo by Maya Vis­nyei

And then I turned it all around with the Pan­cake Taco. Born out of des­per­a­tion to not waste the week­ends left­overs, the pan­cake taco is the new hit of our house­hold. Scar­lett lit­er­ally thought it was a joke when I served it to her one morn­ing. "Is this really my break­fast? Can I eat this now?" she asked cau­tiously. She basi­cally thought it was a treat. And it kind of is, espe­cially if you pile it high with any deli­cious­ness you can think of.

If you make pan­cakes on the week­end then dou­bling the recipe for left­overs. This will give you plenty of stock for the week. I've included my Spiced Pan­cake recipe because they really are the gold stan­dard of cak­ers. I'm not brag­ging or any­thing (ok, I am a bit) but dur­ing our last shoot our pho­tog­ra­pher Maya, with a mouth-full of pan­cake, yelled across the stu­dio, "You really are the pan­cake bat­ter Queen." But the spicy flavour of these flap­jacks really are a great com­ple­ment to most any fill­ing. I just pop the left­over pan­cakes in a toaster oven while I prep the fill­ing. For assem­bly, place a small piece of parch­ment (or nap­kin) in the palm of your hand and gen­tly cup the warm pan­cake so it takes on a taco shape.  Then freestyle your fill­ing, choose from our selec­tion of ideas below or cre­ate one based on what your fam­ily loves or, let's be hon­est, what you actu­ally have left in the refrig­er­a­tor. Have fun cre­at­ing new vari­a­tions, and don't worry if overzeal­ous hands crack the base of the pan­cake. It all still tastes awe­some going down.

Spiced Pan­cakes

2 cups spelt flour (you know the SPC drill….use what you've got)
2 tea­spoons bak­ing pow­der
1 tea­spoon bak­ing soda
1 table­spoon cin­na­mon
1/4 tea­spoon fresh, grated nut­meg
1/4 tea­spoon salt
1 cup but­ter­milk
1 cup milk
1 egg
1 tea­spoon vanilla extract
but­ter for pan


In a large bowl, whisk flour, bak­ing pow­der, soda, cin­na­mon, nut­meg and salt.

In a medium size bowl, whisk milk, but­ter­milk, egg, and vanilla extract. Com­bine wet ingre­di­ents into flour mix­ture and stir until just com­bined. (Don't over mix the bat­ter, in other words you can leave some lumps, since over­work­ing it will cause the gluten in the flour to be released caus­ing chewy pan­cakes.) Let your bat­ter rest in the refrig­er­a­tor for a few minutes.

Mean­while, place a large skil­let over medium heat and allow it to get nice and warm.

Remove bat­ter from the refrig­er­a­tor. Add a table­spoon of but­ter to skil­let and allow it to melt and then, work­ing in batches, ladle bat­ter into skil­let and cook pan­cakes until bub­bles appear on sur­face. Flip and cook another minute or two. Remove from skil­let and keep warm in the oven. Repeat until you've used the batter.

Taco Fill­ing Ideas (but the options are end­less, really)

Nutella, sliced banana (Shown above left)
Sliced banana, sliced straw­ber­ries, a few dol­lops of Greek-style yogurt, sprin­kle of cin­na­mon (shown above right)
Sliced straw­ber­ries, blue­ber­ries, Greek-style yogurt, driz­zle of honey
All-natural peanut but­ter, sliced bananas, a driz­zle of honey, sprin­kle of shaved almonds
All-natural peanut but­ter, blue­ber­ries, a driz­zle of honey
Sliced bananas, sliced straw­ber­ries, a few dol­lops of Greek-style yogurt

All-natural almond but­ter, sliced apples, driz­zle of maple syrup, sprin­kle of cinnamon




  1. sylvia says:

    this is a great idea and would work equally well with week­end waffles!

  2. Jan says:

    Are you kid­ding me? I just can't imag­ine where in the rip­ping world you can pos­si­bly come up with any more quick, yummy and cool ideas to feed my kids.….and let's face it me and my hus­band too.….and then here you go again whip­ping this puppy up!! I love SPC! These are so sim­ple and I know I have stuff to cram in these. And not only healthy but hello.…how much fun AND quick because no mat­ter what time I drag my kids out of bed we still seem to be rush­ing around on a school day! Thanks SO much!! I am all over these this weekend…making extra for the week. Yippee, I can't wait!

  3. Laura Keogh says:

    Oh my gosh, your awe­some note made me laugh. At first when I read "Are you kid­ding?" I was wor­ried we had dis­ap­pointed or upset a reader and then you went on with "whip­ping this puppy up!" and I was on the floor. Thank you for lov­ing us as much as we loved hear­ing from you! Let us know how the cakes go this week­end, and, of course, thanks for read­ing SPC. It's read­ers like your­self that make this all so worth it. Best, Laura

  4. Laura Keogh says:

    Waf­fles?! You bet, baby. Thanks for drop­ping us a line, Sylvia. xo

  5. Jan says:

    I thought I might scare you at first with my "are you kid­ding" com­ment, but this is really what I said out loud. I made these this morn­ing and they are fan­tas­tic Laura!! Nice and fluffy and full of cinnamon.…you really are the cake Queen. My son ate them with Nutella and maple syrup (when I wasn't look­ing). I had to give him the what not about exces­sive sugar and then he smiled and announced he was going to see if he could bounce off the walls.…ah 13 yr olds. Good thing the cakes are made with healthy ingre­di­ents. The left­overs are ready for break­fast tacos for the week! Yippee!

  6. Laura Keogh says:

    Thank you so much for say­ing I'm the cake queen! I thought only peo­ple who knew me were say­ing it because they thought they had too! :) Oh my good­ness, Nutella and maple syrup! I can't blame him as that sounds so deca­dent and deli­cious. I'm so thrilled you gave them a try. I hope they made your week­day morn­ings eas­ier! Stay in touch. We love hear­ing from you. Best, Laura

  7. Eline says:

    I made them this morn­ing and they were deli­cious! I used the banana, straw­berry and greek yoghurt fill­ing. Also added a lit­tle honey, because i like sweet­ness so much! Thank you for the recipe, will def­i­nitely make them more often.

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