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No Bake Week: Watermelon Cupcakes

My friend Dorna goes all out for birth­days. Her daugh­ter Vio­let and Esme have been best friends since before they were three. I'm always teas­ing her about how crafty she is, to which she replies, "Youtube! You can learn any­thing on Youtube!" Last year for Violet's birth­day she cro­cheted over a dozen Toteros. They were so cute and I bowed down to her ded­i­ca­tion — it's some­thing I would never take on. But my kids love them and always talk about how Dorna made them herself.

At this year's party, though, Dorna did some­thing I did want to try myself. After the kids had run through a sprin­kler park in the blaz­ing sun for an hour, she called them to gather round for the birth­day cake. And it was the pret­ti­est thing you've ever seen — tall, cov­ered in a light, whipped icing and topped with fruit. When she cut into it — voila! — it was water­melon! And the icing was just plain old whipped cream. As a par­ent who dreads tak­ing home kids who are hopped up on sugar after most par­ties, I was so thrilled. And the kids loved the nov­elty of a cool, juicy fruit cake.


I decided to try a cup­cake ver­sion and I'll def­i­nitely be doing these again this sum­mer. This is barely a recipe at all but I still wanted to share it with you. If you're look­ing for a cool, light fin­ish to a bar­be­cue, this is it.

Water­melon Cupcake

(makes 6 cupcakes)

1/4 to 1/2 of a large-ish water­melon
250 ml whip­ping cream
berries for garnish


Cut your water­melon into thick slices — say, about 2 or 3 inches. Place the slice flat or a cut­ting board and use a thin-rimmed water glass to press into it. Con­tinue until you have six cup­cakes. Put them in the fridge to chill.

Pour the whip­ping cream into a medium bowl and use an elec­tric mixer until it's light and fluffy.

Place each water­melon round on a small plate. Top the cup­cakes with a gen­er­ous dol­lop of whipped cream and gar­nish with fresh berries.



  1. This is an amaz­ing idea! Healthy, light and deli­cious I'm sure. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tressa says:

    This is so per­fect. I have a child with a sum­mer birth­day who doesn't really enjoy cake. Thanks for the idea!

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