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Snack Week: School-Safe Chocolate Snack Balls

When you get to April don't you always think you're in the home stretch of the school year? I do. And […]

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Roundup: Nutrient-Rich Fruit Recipes

I'm not sure if this hap­pens to you but when Scar­lett needs a nib­ble I always offer fruit. How­ever, she can get bored of […]

Roundup: Super Snacks

SPC is talk­ing about all things snackie this week and it got me think­ing about what the "ideal" snack could be. […]

Apricot Hempseed Sticky Bars

I'm always on the hunt for foods rich in Omege 3 and 6 as I don't eat a lot of fish. Luck­ily, Scar­lett enjoys […]