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Summer Lunch Week: Tuna White Bean Salad

I was evil in an ear­lier life. (If you have known me to be evil in this life, I'm sorry) […]

Sweet Potato Hash 40911
Happy 2015: 5 easy recipes to start of the new year

Ok read­ers, I have an idea about how we deal with the glut­to­nous overindul­gence of the past few weeks. Ready? Amnesia. […]

It's Chilly — Make White Chili!

Win­ter may not offi­cially arrive until Decem­ber 21st, but the white stuff that twirled and drifted its way to the […]

We Resolve to… Eat More Vegetables with White Bean Dip!

You can tell that Laura and I had sim­i­lar hol­i­days by the recipe we came up with for this week — […]

Soup Roundup

Laura and I always joke that we could actu­ally start a pan­cake blog. We've cre­ated so many posts cel­e­brat­ing the many, many […]