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Kale Smoothie Bowl 43604
Kale and Banana Smoothie Bowl

With a name like Keogh, you can bet we'll be hav­ing some good, clean St. Patrick's Day fun. Scar­lett and I will […]

Smoothie Week: Strawberry Shake aka Pinkie Pie

Even though our nutri­tion writer Kathy Mag­ilton tried to ruin Christ­mas  tell us that not all smooth­ies are the healthy snack […]

Giving Up Gluten: Epic Fail And Game Changing Granola

This week wasn’t a good week for me in the kitchen. Every time I walked in there, some­thing went awry. I had great […]

Drink Your Vitamins: Smoothie Roundup

Is it me, or does it feel like half of the peo­ple you know are on juice detoxes right now? […]

Smoothie Week: Funky Monkey Shake

When do you make smooth­ies? I know for most peo­ple they're a break­fast but around here they're an after­noon treat. And mostly […]