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Strawberry Scones
The SPC Breakfast Planner

From the moment I fin­ish my break­fast, I start think­ing about my next morn­ing meal. Ok, you got me, I start wor­ry­ing about […]

Roundup: Snacks For Peace

As far as we're con­cerned, you can really never have enough snacks lying around the house. They're a bit like sleep […]

We Resolve to…Eat Better Snacks

I have an obses­sion. It's the oat bar at Starbucks. (Dear Oat Bar, I love you with my latte and hate it when […]

Roundup: Super Snacks

SPC is talk­ing about all things snackie this week and it got me think­ing about what the "ideal" snack could be. […]

Weekday Breakfast: Yogurt Granola Parfait

What are morn­ings like in your house? In our house we go from slow motion (the boy wakes every­one before […]