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The Lunch Lifesaver (Paediatrician's advice, school week menu and grocery list!)

Scar­lett has a friend in her class who comes to school with sea­weed for a snack and packs her own salad for […]

Back In the Saddle Lunch: Curried Chicken Salad Pita with Grapes

Are you ready? I'm so ready. We just got back from one last trip up north that included lots of […]

Lunch box Special: Salad-on-a-Stick

Have I men­tioned I'm freak­ing out about hav­ing to pack lunches? I have, haven't I? The upside is that it's forced me […]

Whole Grain Week: Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes

I like to eat organic but, obvi­ously, it's not pos­si­ble for me to live my life totally organic. After all, […]

Roundup: Travel Snacks

Are you going away for March break with your fam­ily? If so, you'll want some healthy snacks to tote on […]