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Smoothie Week: Blueberry and Kale Smoothie

Scar­lett and I have an on-off love affair with smooth­ies. We go through fazes when they're all we crave in a day […]

Easy Brunch Week: Baked Pancakes with Strawberry, Banana and Honey, honey

I some­times for­get I'm the mom. Wait–let me clar­ify that. I don't mean that I for­get that I'm the one who runs […]

Smoothie Week: Strawberry Shake aka Pinkie Pie

Even though our nutri­tion writer Kathy Mag­ilton tried to ruin Christ­mas  tell us that not all smooth­ies are the healthy snack […]

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Travel Snack Week: Sweet Potato Chips with Honey Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Our fam­ily is def­i­nitely not travel ama­teurs. Scar­lett has been on a plane prac­ti­cally every few months since she was two […]

Granola Bars
Travel Week: Nuts and Seeds Granola Bars

We have a piece of mould­ing that we've mea­sured Scar­lett on since she was born. In fact, when we moved recently, […]