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Pancake Tacos

Do you remem­ber when the school year started and I was all "look at me I'm a break­fast hot shot"–making it the […]

Giving Up Gluten: Epic Fail And Game Changing Granola

This week wasn’t a good week for me in the kitchen. Every time I walked in there, some­thing went awry. I had great […]

goat balls
Giving Up Gluten: Goat Balls

You know you have a good friend when she reads about you going gluten free on line and when you meet […]

What's So Great About Maple Syrup?

I know right?!? I was going to wrap up our hippy sing-a-long with thyme this week (see What’s So Great About […]

Maple Baked Beans

Are baked beans as a brunch side dish a Cana­dian thing? I think they might be. Not that I wouldn't like to eat them […]