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Snack Week: Apple and Pear Oat Bars

It feels like our book How to Feed a Fam­ily has been out for­ever but it hasn't. Our lovely book is still […]

How to Throw a Holiday Dinner Party without losing your mind

Does just read­ing this head­line give you stress? I'm sorry. I know you've teach­ers' gifts to come up with, at least […]

Grilled Cheese Week: Mushroom Melt with Pears

I think a quick spin through the SPC archives would reveal a few key things about me and Laura. We believe in […]

Entertaining Week: Pears with Goat Cheese and Cranberries

Still need a quickie starter for tonight's party? Laura posted this dead-easy recipe last Decem­ber and the response was over­whelm­ing. For […]

Guest Bloggers Natalee and Wendy Make Barbecue Pie

Bar­beque Pie, Bar­beque Pie, if I don’t get some I think I’m gonna die! Take away my frozen foods, take away my fries […]