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Glazed Sweet Potato & Brussel Sprouts 20140040
Entertaining Week: Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

I never touched a Brus­sels sprout until I was in my 30s so it always amazes me that Scar­lett has loved the […]

Snack Week: Chocolate Banana Granola Bars

Every day when I pick up Julian from day­care he asks me the same ques­tion, "Do you have a treat?" I don't know […]

Chef Notes: Brown Butter Pumpkin Layer Cake

I have to admit I’m really not a dessert per­son. My taste runs strongly to the savory. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, I’d rather […]

Holiday Baking Week: Cardamom Crescents

For 51 weeks of the year Laura and I use SPC as a place to talk about how/what/why of healthy fam­ily food. […]

Entertaining Week: Winter Salad

This week we've been fea­tur­ing lots of recipes to make your life eas­ier for  the enter­tain­ing sea­son. Even the most […]