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Fruit Salad
Salad Week: Fruit Salad with Cardamom Cider Dressing

When we decided to have a week com­pletely devoted to sal­ads I knew I couldn't make a green salad. After all, Ceri is the […]

Eat a Rainbow Salad (or How to Get Kids to Feel Good About Eating Healthy)

Okay, here's a recent dilemma of mine. Although I'm far from per­fect (really, really so far) when it comes to what […]

What's So Great About Pineapple?

I decided today’s post needed a theme (beyond the usual “how to get your kids to eat more than 3 dif­fer­ent foods” theme which […]

Cool It Week: Pineapple Raspberry Rockets!

Is it me or has every­one gone crazy for gourmet pop­si­cles this year? Every mag­a­zine I buy seems to be giving […]